Divine Honor

Though not too smart, the other day I lost my smart card, and it reminded me how Jesus spoke in parables about valuable things that were lost as related to His saving our fallen and can’t get up humanity, Luke 15, 19:10.

The Savior’s sacrificial role in performing a search and rescue mission was to recover or restore that which is missing in sin (MIS) according to the helplessness and hopelessness of the human condition as accomplished according to His death and resurrection and when we refer to our servicemen, who have given their life in the line of duty, we see it necessary to give them honor, yet how much more glory is due the Creator of these serving lives, as the Supreme Commander in Chief, who laid down His own life in service to all of mankind? Mt. 20:28

We think it ridiculous how God would take our place and do for us what we can’t do for ourselves and that is what happens every time someone dons the uniform and steps out on the stage of life to enact their salvific role. So how far-fetched is the storyline of redemption? Some think of the cross as an antiquated symbol of barbarianism that is obscene and yet today we look at these servicemen who have sacrificed their lives as a beautiful, heroic, and honorary expression or act of humanity. Unfortunately, sometimes life is a bloody mess, but fortunately for many, we are the beneficiaries of what God has provided in promoting life, both now and forevermore, #lostandfound.




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