The Pain Reliever

I recently underwent hernia surgery and in the process they gave me certain drugs to block the nerve pain and then a general anesthesia, so I didn’t know or feel a thing until I woke up.

Upon reflection I realized that my temporary discomfort was nothing compared to the sufferings of Jesus who refused gall as to deaden His pain and for those who are familiar with the Passion Story, according to the biblical narrative or by watching a Jesus movie, they may not always fully appreciate the extent of His agony as our society has become so desensitized to violence due to our overexposure to mainstream media leading to very little thought of such a torturous death and unfortunately it’s not until we experience our own pain and suffering before we are awakened to at least empathize with such realities.

In retrospect, maybe you don’t initially understand or agree with Christ’s sufferings, yet shouldn’t He at least be given some respect towards consideration as to the salvation that He’s personally offered to all; something that would have been gratefully given to anyone else as sacrificing their life for the betterment of humanity?



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