Jesus and the princess

I just saw a documentary of Princess Diana and what caught my attention was how others reacted to her death. In retrospect,  I remember being in Paris right next to the location where this unfortunate accident took place and I’ve also have been in the area where Jesus was crucified but the tragedy between these two deaths were played out entirely different in that one was unintentional while the other was deliberately premeditated and planned.

In life, these two persons were only separated by a few years and over the course of their lives they were both royalty; one representing more of a human dynasty and the other a heavenly kingdom as King of kings and Lord of lords. Diana was regarded as a noble, whereas Jesus was unmajestically despised as He was neither born under royal conditions nor lead a royal life even thou He’s sovereignly royal in person and purpose.

Contrasting their lives there wasn’t always fanfare with Christ, as in Isaiah 53, where He is rejected as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and though the princess had many of her own personal problems, including the royal treatment (irony), the hearts of the people considered her to be the darling of Wales while He was just the carpenter’s son.

Anyway, it pained me to see the difference in how the people kept vigil in respect to the corpse of Diana, with lighted candles and offerings of flowers, while Christ’s followers were in hiding, as His triumphal entry was overshadowed by His death, followed by a sole individual taking possession of His body.

Strikingly, when Christ was condemned to die, His support was a jeering crowd to crucify Him, as parading His mangled body through the street, in dishonor, as the cheering voice of Hosanna faded away.He didn’t have a grand departure with the sympathy of a country responding in grief. He mainly received cursing, unlike the supportive crowds that applauded Diana, as the celebration of  His departure became a seemingly shameful end that was kept under guard.

In conclusion, Jesus was not an admired philanthropist like Diana but was scoffed at and chided according to His redemptive work, both then and now. Essentially, Diana made for good press while the good news of Jesus was often badly received.

At times you almost get the feeling that someone greater than Jesus had lived and died as she captured the heart of the world who looked on in support and thou Diana momentarily had the spotlight it will be the ‘Light of the World’ that will outshine all others with His glory as recognized by every tribe, tongue, and nation, for all time.



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