Islamic view of Women

There are perhaps different rules on the rights of women in Islamic societies yet based on the testimony of the Quran and the Hadith women to some degree have a subservient and diminished role in life.

The Islamic view is primary patriarchal and it allows for the unnecessary exploitation and treatment of women in some cases.

In Quran 4:34 there are allowances given towards the beating of women.

The very basis of human instinct in achieving an intimate relationship of love with a spouse is by providing an environment that is conducive to trust which centers on the protection and care for ones partner. So how can this corrective action lead to a legitimate expression of love? If this is the situation then how is the husband to be corrected when He is at fault. Wouldn’t this necessitate a need for reciprocation as a counter response unless of course He is never at fault or in need of discipline/ correction because of his moral supremacy?

Perhaps there is a moral glitch of inferiority in women which might explain why the Hadith sees a need for disciplinary action towards the feminine gender. After all the Hadith tends to provide a viewpoint of women as being spiritually  and morally depraved having a predisposition towards evil. The Hadith states that women are the majority of those who take up residence in hell with only a minority occupying a heavenly home. Muslim, vol. 4, hadith 6597, p. 1432 and Muslim, vol. 4, hadith 6600, p.1432

Also Islamic ideals are centered on hedonistic values that revolve around the expression of male sexuality. The god fearing Muslim male is given the pleasures of intercourse in paradise with as many as a 100 virgins in a single day Surah 55. Will the minority of women who make it to their heavenly home be equally rewarded? How is a wife that is committed to a life long marriage able to view herself with dignity knowing that her husband will one day be groping strange women in a heavenly palace filled with the pleasures of  ecstasy and eroticism as found in this conceptual idea of eternal bliss. If this is his future goal in making it to paradise then what is his short term goal in relationship to you his wife? If he is willing to be entertained by the likes of physical pleasure in eternity then are you for sure that this doesn’t help serve his purpose now in your relationship with Him. Perhaps once He is finished and satisfied with you in this life there will be no purpose for you to follow Him into his  paradise since his needs will now be administered and fulfilled by others.

Also the Quran and Hadith hold a somewhat demanding view on the sexual gratification for the  husband without regard for the wife Quran 2:223, Mishkat Al-Masabih p.691: Tirmidhi, Bukhari vol. 7, hadith 121, p.93.

In addition to this there are variant and sexual aberrations that are found in various Islamic cultures which includes the practice of genital mutilation by circumcising girls in order to help maintain chastity by means of  restraining   their sexual drives. There is some debate to whether or not Muhammad mandated this act of violence nevertheless it is still practiced in several countries.

Secondly some Muslims have a legalized  form of prostitution or Muta which is permitted under the charade of it being a temporary marriage in order to satisfy the need for the sexual impulses among Muslim men.

One other thing that  perhaps is more subtle in form yet can create some cultural dysfunctions is the practice of  polygamy which can cause social problems within the network of the family.

It doesn’t take an expert sociologist or anthropologist to realize the degenerative effects to humanity based on these cultural experiences. One might argue against establishing ethical norms for any given society yet we are talking about the basic needs which define human existence universally.

Perhaps you are caught up in the cultural web of Islam where you feel trapped or isolated or sadly enough maybe you dont know any differently. Don’t you see that some women are being victimized due to the crimes of Islam by means of emotional and physical abuses. Perhaps if you aren’t willing to face these realities then perhaps you have developed a codependency with Islamic culture. Maybe you have been taught to submit to the point that  you are mindless on these issues which brings me to the next objection.

According to the Hadith women have a limited or diminished intellectual capacity. Women from this viewpoint are seen as  half wits who are limited in making judgments.  When people are led to believe they are inferior then they are easier to manipulate and control. This is what you get from a male dominated religion where physical prowess rules rather than integrity

Bukhari, vol.3, hadith 826, p.502

I know this blog seems harsh and pointed and I hope that I have not over stated my case through my direct approach. In all fairness I do appreciate the modesty of Islamic culture yet the ends doesn’t justify the means of taking women captive to a pattern of life that reduces their humanity.

Men I would like to challenge you to critically look at the claims of Islam and their treatment and attitude towards women. Even if you do not practice these forms of oppression it is  still  supported and upheld by the practitioners of Islam who justify it by means of what is considered sacred texts. Remember these women are our mothers who brought us into this life and nurtured us when we were helpless. They deserve the respect that God has rightfully given them in their elevated role as the stewards of our personal care and development as men.

I want you to know that Islam has created their god and though I respect your devotion I do challenge the truth claims that are founded under a religion that has left a path of destruction in its wake.

The basic definition to the character of God in the bible is love and Islam has stood as the antithesis to this godview. God is just but He is likewise merciful, kind, gentle, compassionate, long suffering, and peaceful. These might be traits that you have attributed to Allah yet where is the proof among his disciples. Even though a small portion of funds is contributed to the poor yet you generally do not see Islamic humanitarian agencies especially towards other societies that would be considered of the nature of being infidels. Islam is not about divine inspiration but rather terror filled violence and domination using force and coercion in facilitating and imposing their worldly influence. It doesn’t care about you but rather its real interest is world domination. You might claim to be a moderate Muslim which in and of itself is a oxymoron in comparison to Islamic faith and practice. It is  Islam that  dictates and moderates your behavior independent of your self serving opinions.  If you claim that you do not follow this kind of Islamic viewpoint  then perhaps you are nominal Muslim and subconsciously you are rejecting submission to Allah. Perhaps you  know somewhere deep in your heart that something is amiss and I believe this could be an open door to experiencing God’s real love.

For God so loved the world that He gave Jesus that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Now ladies I believe that you have the mental faculties and capacity to make a fair judgment in this case by discerning the truthfulness regarding a loving God versus a counterfeit religion.

Lastly again I pray that I have not violated you in such a way as to lose your respect for what I am saying. I didn’t do this to  attack you or hurt you and even though my presentation is confrontational I have not offered it in hatred. I do have a genuine concern for your spiritual well being and sometimes when you are landlocked in a society you are unable to peer beyond the boundaries of cultural attitudes.

Finally all I am asking of you is to be open and honest before God.  I know at first that it might be scary because devoted people do not want to be undevoted to their cause yet I challenge you to ask God to reveal His love to you in a tangible and real way in the person of Jesus.

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