What are the chances for life on this planet?

Is life a product of chance? A random act or a cosmic accident? Have you ever wondered about the complexities about life in which humans, who tip the evolutionary scale, are only now beginning to discover? Do you find it fascinating given all the technological advances of man that they can only reorder,mimic and manipulate life? I’ve not seen a scientist yet make a cow from scratch.

Somehow have we become so sophisticated that we limit our beliefs to think that through the gigantic test tube of planet earth that somehow science and nature has created us from a state of nothingness which then resulted in evolving us into the complexity of structures whereby we exist?

What do you think is the potential for life to just appear on its own and then somehow evolve and sustain itself? I  don’t believe there is a numerical value high enough to support this possibility.

It would be like taking a disassembled clock throwing it into a tumbler and expecting it to come out perfectly assembled while keeping the right time. Or it would be like randomly wandering into a junk yard and taking an untrained or unskilled laborer and asking him to assemble and fly a fully functional plane from the remnants left over from your trash receptacle.

If you are struggling to conceptualize this idea then let me up the anny again by giving you the same scenarios but this time they are not provided any raw materials but are still expected to produce the same results. I’m sure by now you have made a firm decision in stating the inevitable that this is impossible and with that logic I would concur.

I believe in a intelligent design model which supports a creator, namely God, who best fits the criteria as the first and sustaining cause for creation.

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