The Crescent Moon and Star of Islam

Islam claims freedom from any type of pagan influence yet are there still symbols and practices  leftover from it’s ancient past of polytheism and have they been integrated into the social fabric of Islam?

I have previously discussed the Ka’ba and now I am addressing another aspect of Islamic representation which comes in the form of the crescent moon and star.

These symbols are associated with several Islamic countries who have adopted this insignia on their national flags and it also appears as well on their minarets and mosques.

This symbolism predates the advent of Islam and was perhaps connected with the worship of the celestial bodies such as the Arabic deity Hubal or the moon god which was associated with the Ka’ba .

These images may have originated from foreign culture or from Arab descent but nevertheless it is more than likely inspired by means of a pagan icon.

To claim that Islam is distinguishable from pagan cultural values seems to be questionable. This practice of borrowing from what others revered as deified objects seems ironic in the face of the “One God” view.

This same phenomena exists in many other Islamic regions as well where local beliefs and folklore are often combined in a syncretistic manner with the teachings of Muhammad giving a mixture versus a purity of belief to the religion of Islam.

Well anyway just look at this website that I have posted along with the archaeological evidence that is provided and I will allow you to be the judge of the matter concerning the case for the moon god.

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