God is a crutch

This is a common emotional objection to the existence of God which does nothing to challenge the truth claims of his person.

We need jobs, vehicles, banks, doctors, hospitals, utilities, etc. During times of crisis we often turn to counselors and psychologists, support groups, medication, and families to deal with the normal traumas of life. We are a society that is interdependent. So how does that differ from the God concept? The only difference I can see is what you want to classify as god.

We have a codependency with our culture which is inseparable to our existence and life.

Our problem is that we can go through life proclaiming our independence not realizing that all along that we are just hobbling through life as mere mortals who have definable limits to our existence and reality.

Much of this revelation comes when we are faced in confronting the foxholes of life and the death bed experiences which gives us a reality check.

This reality whether realized now or not has led some of  us to figure it out before the inevitable.

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