Is God Unknowable?

The Bible depicts the Apostle Paul as making a defense on Mars Hill to the Athenians who were a religious brood of philosophers with varying beliefs.

During Paul’s stay in Greece he took notice of an altar that was dedicated to the “Unknown God.”

He used this very platform as an opportunity to begin his exposition to these Stoics and Epicureans who were questioning these novel ideas of Paul which seemed to advocate to them a foreign god.

Paul’s approach in gaining a hearing among these intellectuals was to share with them the revelation of this God who was unbeknown to them but was in reality “Knowable”.

This is one of the premises against agnosticism which assumes a philosophical reality about God because of a lack of experiential knowledge and concludes by making a transcendent claim concerning having no knowledge of God.

This absolute sense of agnosticism denies any possibility to having an understanding of God and yet this position can not be substantiated because of the finitude of the creature and his inability to attain perfect knowledge concerning the reality of God as being “Unknowable”.

The irony behind such a position is that in order to make a statement of reality about God this would presuppose a knowledge concerning the one who is defined as being “Unknowable”.

This is a parallel position to the dilemma of the Atheist who like the Agnostic is not a perfectly comprehensive being because of the lack of absolute knowledge and therefore the existence and belief in or knowability of God becomes plausible.

To say that God does not exist or that God is not knowable are statements that are reduced to positions of belief and faith which we as theists have been criticized for. Minimally a person can only really claim that they possess a limited or restricted view of God and I believe that this is the only logical outcome to this equation.

In conjunction with this viewpoint the bible supports this concept by making a reference to this idea concerning a general revelation about God and yet this has been tampered with by the spirit of this age in adulterating or diluting its message by the modern philosophical advancements of evolutionary theory.

In spite of this God’s handiwork is to be observed as being the necessary agent and the original cause to the effect of creation. This created order is dynamically placed on display both night and day as seen through the receptacles of the optic nerve. This magnificence and awesome splendor can be plainly viewed and observed as a portrayal of intelligent design that meticulously defines the presence of fine tuning of which is  communicated and understood as a universal language as referred to in Psalms 19.

In addition to this, Romans 1 and 2 also gives us a snapshot view of both the realities of creation coupled with the universality of morality and conscious of which mankind is innately hardwired for, and even if this has been challenged by the philosophical advent of relativism, these moral laws still have an effect on the tender young lives of humanity and the societies of which mankind rules or reigns.

In conclusion a general revelation beckons to the call in obtaining and securing a special revelation which is tangible to a personal reality of ultimate truth.

As a starting point to truth the scripture encourages us in Deuteronomy 4:29 to seek the Lord with all of our heart and with all our soul and we will find Him. In this regard we must be a genuine seeker otherwise we may find ourselves entangled within the web of counterfeit religions, cults, and a worldly system of philosophy which competes for the allegiance and the worship of men who need to connect with the divine.

Finally whatever beliefs you securely hold to as being sacred to your person I would ask for you to take a reevaluation of your position with an attitude of introspection in seeing what  is the true goal or motivation behind your core set of beliefs regarding the God concept.

Perhaps what is really unknowable to you is the deception of the heart which only knows what it wants to know.

In closing one man who I approached concerning this matter was honest enough concerning his position on God to finally yield an answer which I believe showed a degree of integrity through his admission of guilt of which he simply stated that he wasn’t ready or really willing to consider the possibilities of a God.

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