Marxism, Leninism, Maoism and Ho Chi Minh Thought on Communism

At a first glance there appears to be some admirable qualities to this philosophical worldview and movement as supporting a sense of equality in the economic and political realms of society.

Based on my research of this dogmatic belief and practice there are genuine people out there who are heralding and supporting this cause out of a sense of sincerity.

Yet you can be sincere and still be sincerely wrong and based upon the present reality  that seems to be the matter.

The blame for this false indoctrination falls upon these dictatorial regimes which uses its tactics of propaganda in the educational system to breed this hyped state of idealism by giving them a pie in the sky mentality. In actuality it legitimizes the need for further control through repressive leadership that is based on fear and persecution as a necessary means to the end of which there is none except for the destructive powers regarding the abuse of  human government where might makes right. These dictators are supposedly transitory or a transitional means to  their supposed utopian state of heaven on earth when in reality their bourgeoisie role as dictators has led to the oppressive efforts of subjugating the entire population as their proletarian surfs and slaves which serve in their interim regime.

Paradoxically if religion was considered to be a means to promote a sense of happiness and hope then Communism has become a religion and a opium for the people who are under this mind altering delusion. These totalitarian governments are not prepared to give up there rule and reign for the common good of mankind and therefore lies are offered in order to control the people by brainwashing them to believe that one day all this will manifestly change to bring about a new world order of peace and prosperity.

The dilemma to this reality has to due with the nature of mankind which is engrossed in  selfishness and that is why human government, laws and morality are an essential means of jurisdiction throughout the world and without this it would not be utopian but rather anarchy and chaotic. A society without law and order will bring about lawlessness and life without moral restraints would mean the demise of mankind. These communist governments realize this and they abuse their powers to the point of limiting and neglecting human freedoms often times resulting in a closed or a restricted society.

No matter how great the strides are to obtain some form of universal humanism it seems as if there is no cure for society because of its design and nature which is intrinsically faltered due to the sickness of the human soul that can not be medicated through the Marxist branded pharmaceuticals of egalitarianism nor can there be healings through the shamans and gurus of socialism. Pure communism is not the antidote to the epidemic of a  diseased world as people will always find creative ways to obtain a fix to satisfy the addiction of selfishness.

The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over with the same results and to be believe in a revolution of evolution has not now nor in the past ever achieved this grandiose view of a human nirvana of enlightenment. As a matter of fact the twentieth century has been the bloodiest of all through it mass murders of society and now by means of our technological advances we are even closer to destroying the whole world through our nuclear arms race of which many of these communistic countries possess.

Where in the world does the communistic philosophy really work and instead of promoting the proletariat it has only supported its agenda by murdering many millions of people in China and Russia under these evil regimes in order to obtain some speculative goal for the betterment of mankind which according to their unfounded interpretation of value has resulted in targeting and killing through the process of classing people for  genocide. This is made all the more palatable when you reduce the sanctity of human life by means of darwinian evolution where mankind is simply reduced to a mere animal and therefore can be exterminated like a diseased rat on the basis of the survival of the fittest.

This movement hasn’t brought  heaven down to earth but rather it has elevated a hellish realm by eradicating precious lives under the pretense of social progress.

If we were to look at the founding fathers of this revolutionary movement as based upon  this quasi-socialistic idealism there seem to be several prophetic voices which has greatly  influenced our world through their vision of inspiration by the foundational efforts of people like Hess, Engels, Lenin, Stalin with the chief cornerstone being Marx himself. In reality this enormous  super structure has been proven to be a weak and fractured society which has white washed walls that seem to have a welcoming appeal of promoting beauty and protection but through a closer inspection there are cracks in its foundation which has created an instability and crumbling of the infrastructure that is not able to weather the political and economic storms which in time will topple this human institution of architecture.

This structure has been heralded as the new tower of Babel but its end result will be like the first one in that it will leave the populace in a state of confusion and separation as its end result.

Anyway Marx and his henchmen would devise a plan that was not altruistic and at its very root they determined to establish a Godless society based on their self interest of establishing an atheistic world order or rather should I say a anti-God movement which was the initial or the main thrust of their campaign in serving a death sentence to God while using the pretext of socialism. These men in their fiery rhetorical sermons were preaching from their communistic pulpits a message of materialism by means of  saving themselves or societies apart from any personage that would be identified as a God figure.

Ironically Marx, Engels, and Stalin were all originally involved in the Christian movement and  whether they were nominal or authentic in there position is still shows the duplicity of these characters who turned from their beliefs by embracing demonic inspiration as evidenced by their associates as well as their family members.

The progression of this movement would gain momentum in a revolution against the very God that they swore allegiance to and yet at a time of crisis in their life they would recant there position. It was said by Marx’s housemaid that when Marx fell sick that he was given over to lighting candles and praying as well as donning what would of been phylacteries which was the Jewish costume for worship. Don’t know what he was praying to but it would have to be something of the metaphysical realm that was beyond the limitations of his humanity. It is also said that before the demise of Engels that he  repented of his position and Lenin even though he maintained a sense of atheism he pronounced upon his deathbed that he was wrong.

In getting back to the life of Marx he didn’t begin as a  socialist and originally he was opposed to this concept by attacking Hess in a unpublished book and also by writing in the German magazine “rheinische zeitung” which demonstrated through his writings his anti-sentiments or oppositional views on the matter of communism by regarding it as being dangerous. However, in due time Marx was eventually converted by Hess as one of his disciples.

In the matter of Marx’s life he was often characterized as one of instability and contradiction to the very theories to which he was credited to as supporting.

Concerning the correspondence between Marx and his father there was a concern regarding Karl squandering great sums of money on pleasures and his possible connection with the occult. Later these suspicions of occult activity would be inferred in his writings and confirmed through his close associates who were known Satanists.

Satanism was also the inspiration of Nazism and Hitler who likewise dabbled in occultic practices which is the only sane conclusion or explanation to this mindless and mass hysteria of ethnic purging.

Anyway one of the claims of Communism is that there is no basis for morals and this was the very pattern of madness which Marx would uphold in regards to the social order of his own life. His life was the epitomy of this amoral philosophy which resulted in self inflicted tragedy that left him both morally and economically bankrupt in the end.

Marx had three children that died of starvation when he had the very means to support his family. He also had an illegitimate child through his maidservant, Helen Demiuth and he played it off by lying about the matter in attributing the child to Engels. Also Marx was often a drunkard and would gamble his money on the stock market. He also was given over to the lust of an inheritance whereby he showed disdain towards his uncle in a letter that he had written while maintaining a selfish interest of being the beneficiary of  his uncle’s  will. Also Marx even forsook the mother who gave him birth by not even attending her funeral.

If Marx was to be seen as a messianic figure who was to bring forth  a new society then how can you take such a man seriously whose life was full of  anti socialistic behavior?  Also if he was to be proclaimed at the great economist then why did he squander his money on speculative stocks and die a poor man?

Marx in turn was a racist and he even regarded the class of proletariats as stupid boys, rogues, and asses. He identified black people as idiots and used the offensive word “nigger” in private correspondence. He even supported the concept of the slavery movement in the United States.

Ironically, he even had antisemitic sentiments towards others who shared in his common  Jewish heritage. He also regarded those of Chinese and German descent in a derogatory way and identified the Russians by means of  their dietary status. In addition to this he referred to the Slavic people as basically being the dregs of society and even Engels chimes in on this note by the paraphrastical statement that the concept of world wide love for humanity is ridiculous.

Also one of his associates saw the real Marx for who he really was and remarked that he was an egotist or a narcissist who tolerated you if you feared him and liked you only if you worshipped Him.

What kind of genius should be attributed to this man who would turn the world upside down with this philosophical advancement but yet in turn was upside down in controversy and hypocrisy to the very ideals by which he is said to have supported.

Lastly Stalin was also influenced by Christianity and even attended seminary but the demonic twist to his bizarre nature was that he foresaw himself as some type of antichrist figure as portrayed in the biblical book of  Revelation. His words were in part fulfilled through the very nature of his prophetic actions which He signified through mass murders and a open hostility towards God .

One example of the cruelty of  Stalin was his agenda  to win the persons trust and then thrust a knife in their back.

When you look at the beginning of these movements they are surrounded by shady individuals who are questionable as based on their conduct which was in conflict with their message and therefore they did not practice what they preached. Yet these men and the leaders of these communistic countries are often deified as gods. To regard these individuals as the standard of being kind and humanitarian is to mythologize their character by making them demigods when in reality they are merely just fallen human mortals.

This kind of sophistry has been the platform for communistic societies as a means to gain and keep control of the power within these unchallenged totalitarian regimes. Please don’t be deceived into ever thinking that murder and death is the best way for political and social advancement as this is contrary to the sanctity of human life and who knows maybe you will be the next to be sacrificed on the alter of this communistic platform.

The bible says that God has come to give us life and life more abundantly and then there is the pseudo god of this age namely Satan who is the arch enemy of God  whose desire is to steal, kill, and destroy. You may not believe or take Satan seriously but your predecessors did and they modeled there lives on his personage. The deception to this whole scheme is that communism portrays itself to be like an angel of light but in reality it is full of darkness.

In closing I have written some blogs on the reality of God which may be of interest to you. Of course they are not exhaustive in scope and they only scratch the surface regarding the issues and questions in which skeptical minds are asking but I do cover some topics as related to the teleological and cosmological arguments regarding origins in relationship to intelligent design.

Atheist /Agnostic/ Non-Theist

It has been my experience that unbelief in God is not so much an intellectual question as it is a moral dilemma. Can you honestly ask yourself if you would be willing to believe in God or is there a deep seated objection in the moral fabric of your soul that wants to assert its own prejudice in the matter? Can you say to yourself in all honesty that if there really was a God that you would readily entrust and submit your life to Him? If you can’t answer with an emphatic yes to the last question then perhaps you have other motives besides some unresolved evidence issues that are floating around in that mind of yours.

In conclusion there are many things recorded in the bible that have a socialistic message of equality and peace that can be readily appropriated now through the new birth that comes by knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and will one day be fully realized when Jesus returns to set up His rule and reign on earth thus putting aside the failings of all human governments in establishing a theocratic society which will not be built on the frailty of human philosophy but through the power of God that is reaching out towards his creatures with love.

Also Christianity is not just a religion but it is an organism that has been commissioned to act and we see this as evidenced through the advancement of society by means of  helping the rights of women, the abolition of slavery, feeding the hungry, by training people to help in social projects as well as establishing hospitals and orphanages. This is something that we are not just doing for the welfare of Christianity but rather we are serving our world community as directed by  the scriptural guidance of the golden rule to do to others what you would have them do to you.

I don’t believe that Communism is the final solution towards fixing broken humanity as we have seen a regress of this movement as indicated by the backsliding of the Soviet Union. Likewise, China under its banner of Communism has failed to eradicate all forms of religion and in turn  they have resolved  to tolerating a certain degree of religious expression as long as it is under the surveillance of their rule.

In spite of Chinas attempt to somehow repress the fullness of religious expression Christianity continues to grow and thrive versus being in a state of remission due to people converting to the Communistic message and therefore Communism has not prevailed as the uncontested champion by knocking out the opponent of all religious ideologies. Today they are about 90 million christians in China and not all of them are registered with the three self patriotic church but they often meet in house churches where they are not under the watchful eye of big brother. Just think how large this movement would be if it was encouraged to grow?

I hope I haven’t overstated my case or been disrespectful towards you but I would just ask that you would seriously reconsider your position and if there is a reasonable doubt then research it and prove it to yourself without the bias of your society which often defines our identity without giving it much thought. Many of our statements are emotional reactions and reflex’s of common responses that are often spoken or believed within our communities.

Anyway I hope I have challenged you to go beyond the limitations of your societal norms to pursue truth wherever it may take you.

Lastly Jesus gave mankind a supreme example of unselfishness in that he laid down his life for us as a supreme sacrifice for our benefit

Matthew 20:28

just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Matthew 11; 28-30

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

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