Humans and Dinosaurs coexisting?


Recently my wife and I celebrated our four year anniversary and we decided to take a road trip just south of where we live in the area of Glen Rose and Granbury Texas.

The unique thing about Glen Rose are the dinosaur tracks that were discovered in the Paluxy river bed back in the 80’s due to drought conditions and today some of these tracks  can still be observed. What really sparked my interest about this location was that there was a human foot print that was superimposed within a dinosaur track in an area that was adjacent to the Dinosaur Valley State Park on some private property. What is particularly fascinating about this specific print, which was removed and is on display at the Creation Evidence Museum, was that the human print was made prior to that of the dinosaur print. This doesn’t take a paleontologist to figure out that the dinosaur track distorted the human foot print not vise versa. Furthermore when I first looked at the print its as if I could of simply slipped off my shoe and have stepped directly into the print without any discernible difference.

At this point you are probably wondering if this print is legitimate and  therefore it was authenticated in order to prove that it was not a carving. Also the reason why I included a photograph of the banner instead of the display was because it is easier to see the prints this way. Anyway if you are interested in reading more about this subject then here is a link to the full article.

Many times we hear the same old storyline that is preached to us from the textbooks and science programs that macroevolution is a fact and that there was about 60 million years between the dinosaurs and the human race. I think it is reasonable to see from the evidence that evolution is still just evolutionary “theory” and sometimes we forget that. We may see evolution as scientific but in reality it carries with it a commitment to a  naturalistic “philosophy” whose “religion” is based on a god of materialism. Moreover this school of thought is steeped in presuppositions contrary to the claims of science which is supposed to be unbiased in its inductive research and deductive findings. Actually within academia there are even some schools today which are allowing for other theories since evolution has failed to meet conclusively with its preconceived notions of reality. I have written other blogs about some of the controversial evolutionary ideals which you are able to view at

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Perhaps this evidence doesn’t necessarily affirm everything about the creation or intelligent design model but minimally it shows that perhaps it is plausible to consider or accept other world views apart from evolutionary theory.

Anyway while we were in the area we also saw the tomb of Jesse James who was a famous outlaw of the Wild West who supposedly was killed back in the 1880’s in St. Joseph Missouri. Today due to our modern technology of photographic evidence it is likely that his death was faked and now some believe that the real Jesse James died of natural causes at 104 years of age in Granbury. This also reminds me of the story concerning the UFO or alien space craft which supposedly crashed back in the late 19th century in which the remains of these supposed alien beings are buried in the Aurora cemetery just a few kilometers from where I live near Rhome.

So whether or not aliens are the real deal or Jesse James is buried at Gran”bury”  is something that conspiracy theorists may continue to dispute and debate.

Nevertheless this shows that we can’t even prove some of these events which took place no more than about 100 years ago let alone what is projected to be millions and billions of years. Which oddly enough leads to my next point which supersedes dinosaurs, early humans, Jesse James and flying space ships to consider another matter which along with the creation theory is considered mythical by skeptics and that is the resurrection of Jesus. Granted to begin with this whole concept is an anomaly in that normally dead people do not rise. Furthermore I am not merely suggesting a resuscitation or a recovery as there have already been some cases of this kind of phenomena but what I am proposing from the biblical evidence is something radically different in what would be classified as supernatural.

As you can already see from the paleontologists and scientific communities that man has made some great discoveries yet there remains a finite ability to peer into the unknown as we are limited beings. We are always on the edge of new discoveries and there are so many  things left to find that before someone can say dogmatically that the resurrection can not happen they need to bring forth the burden of absolute truth regarding this event. If we can’t even tell who is in a modern gravesite or completely compile all of the fossil evidence which may affirm that man coexisted with dinosaurs then why not at least give the benefit of the doubt in allowing for some consideration regarding the argument in favor of the resurrection of Christ.

Thus pondering whether we coexisted with dinosaurs or considering if Jesse James faked his death along with musing over the idea of being visited/ invaded by aliens may be entertaining in stirring human curiosity but if Christ is who He and others claimed Him to be as testified through the numerous postmortem resurrection appearances then this matter shifts from contemplating less meaningful matters of temporal concerns to that of supreme importance regarding the eternal realm. We may spend our time researching  such interesting subjects but nothing can compare to the reality that has an eternal impact in contrast to these superficial matters. In other words if this event is true then it is one of the most important matters that a person can discover.

I have written a blog about the resurrection and even though it is not exhaustive in scope it may be something in which you might want to research and hopefully discover for yourself.

Merely concluding that Jesus was a historical person who was a religious leader and prophet is just the first step in discovering the importance of His person and work as Lord and Savior.

Additionally Jesus is responsible for the largest religious movement to date which in and of itself is something worthy to consider if for anything just to settle the matter of His identity.

Who knows maybe you might discover, just like a person who is amazed by viewing some of Ripley’s famous findings, that there are things which are beyond our experience or expectation but nonetheless are just as real and exciting.

My friend as we venture into taking the road trips of life it should cause us to look past the road side scenery of glancing at life as it passes us by; to challenging us to get out and explore something beyond our immediate window or world view in asking ourselves sincerely the bigger and more relative questions to life such as who am I and why am I here. These are normal cognitive questions that at one time maybe we asked ourselves but have we plagiarized our answers in looking over the shoulder of someone else whether it be a peer, parent, religion, science or even society at large? Have we just filled in the blanks with the same answer just because we find comfort in trusting in what other people see as the solution to the problem?

In closing I had to drive myself to the destinations at Granbury or Glen Rose and my encouragement to you is to at least be willing to personally navigate these issues not from the rear view mirror of skepticism but as you look forward in anticipating a new horizon just over the next hill.



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Image obtained by permission from the  Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose Texas.

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