Flowers for God


I was at Wal-Mart the other day and I saw a guy carrying flowers and I was thinking to myself, ok buddy what’d you do wrong? Of course I don’t know his motivation just a random thought and then I began to consider how that sometimes we do this with God as we mess up and then we bring Him flowers to make up which may be in the form of some sort of religious behavior and yet these acts or deeds are just like the flowers as they will soon wither and die as having no life in themselves; just a put on, as a momentary display. This is similar to the biblical description of the Israelites who would show up for their annual feasts out of duty and tradition and yet the Lord chided them because of the duplicity of their hearts with such irreverent acts of pretense as disgusted over these detestable and foul offerings as they shamefully trampled His courts. Contrarily, God wants us to sincerely and intimately know Him, as with a personal relationship, not just making amends out of guilt to somehow escape His wrath and judgment, as if such offerings of appeasement would really work anyway, considering that Jesus already paid the full price as a completed transaction, once and for all.

Essentially, what God wants is for us to willingly love Him with all of our heart, soul, and mind, as He already owns the flowers on a thousand hills and therefore what He desires is the inward beauty and fragrance of a life that is firmly planted, as forever given over to Him.



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