Jesus is God’s Son

Islam would teach that God doesn’t have a son and I would have to say that I generally agree with you based on your perception of son-ship. Even though Jesus was born in a unique and miraculous way I agree that God is not having sex or reproducing after that fashion. That is a belief that is centered on pagan mythology and there are cults that teach this.
Dr. Michael Brown who is an expert in the field of Semitic languages, which is the original language and culture of the Jewish people and the Bible, has commented on the very nature of this concept. To begin with we must first keep in mind that our 21st century brain doesn’t think along the lines of ancient Hebraic thought.
Actually the word God’s son is used many times in the Hebrew Scriptures in which God relates to Israel as His son, as well as the kings, and also the angels. Since Jesus is the Messiah then He is the ultimate representative of this title considering that He is a descendant of Israel but also He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and lastly He has been exalted above the heavenly host or angels. Given His credentials then how much more is He worthy of this title as being God’s Son.
In the Bible the Hebrew word for son is “ben” or “bar” in Aramaic and “ibn” in Arabic. It can refer to a literal offspring which is how you are comprehending the use of the word for “son” or it can be spoken of metaphorically such as the “the sons of the prophets” which means the disciples of the prophets. When it refers to an Israelite king it means “son” by divine adoption as in 2 Samuel 7:14 where it says ”I will be his father and he will be my son” and it can also be said of the nation of Israel as in Exodus 4:22-23 where it  states that the Lord says “That Israel is my firstborn son and I told you let my son go so he may worship me.” Yet another meaning for son is someone who belongs to the same class of being such as the angels. By saying that I don’t mean that the angels are God but they are likewise referred to as the “benei elohim” or the “sons of God”. This word can also be used of the obedient people of Israel as spoken of in Hosea 1:10 where it says “They will be called sons of the living God.”
Lastly the word can denote a title or a specific mission so therefore since Jesus fulfilled the unique role  as the Messiah then He is to be  regarded as the ultimate” Son of God”. In conclusion the terms “son” and “father” can be used in a figurative or metaphorical way as corresponding to the bible contrary to a modern materialistic contemporary view. So regardless of your bias or common usage of these words as a part of your personal cultural expression or vernacular it can be wrongly applied as completely foreign to the ancient biblical worldview.
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* Of special note regarding the title and term ‘Son of God’ , it is used in its most unique and supreme sense as a reference to the divinity of Jesus as the Christ in Mathew 28:16-20, John 5:16-27, and Hebrews 1. The Divinity of Jesus and Islam

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