Have Christians caused bloodshed for the Jewish people

Have Christians caused bloodshed for the Jewish people? True, only in the sense that others have taken the name of Christ but never truly represented Him or acted on His behalf. Jesus said that you are my disciples if you obey my commands. He never taught to kill or persecute Jews but rather He taught to turn the other cheek and to even love our enemies.
So these people who call themselves Christians or who identify themselves with the church are not true believers or followers of the Messiah. A true follower of Jesus rejects anti-Semitism and such things as the Inquisition, Crusades, Pogroms, and the Holocaust. These hate crimes are an affront to true Christianity. These actions were inaugurated by a man made politically oriented and corrupt religious institution. At times this pseudo church probably killed as many authentic Christians for refusing to follow their traditions as they killed Jews.
Also the Holocaust was never a Christian movement and as a matter of fact of the 11 million who died in this horrific genocide there were about 3 million Polish Christians that died likewise. Actually during the Holocaust there were Christians who were motivated by love to help the Jews during that time of great tragedy. Countries that were under protestant influence such as Norway and Denmark fought to save the Jews.
Today there is a battle going on but not on the Christian front but by the hands of anti-missionary groups. There is persecution in Israel against the Messianic Jews or Jews who believe in Jesus and they are often harassed and discriminated against even though they are citizens of Israel living in a democratic country. It is not possible for a Jew who proclaims Jesus to be the Messiah to make Aliyah to Israel based on the 1989 ruling on the “Law of Return”. Even today in some circles there are some Jews that curse these Messianic believers in Jesus or Yeshua three times a day.
Please don’t take this as an attack on the nation of Israel or the Jewish people whom I love but rather as a way of showing that there are always two sides to the story.
Ironically enough from a Jewish perspective the prime minister of Israel Netanyahu says that Israel’s greatest supporters and best friends are the Evangelical Christians. There are countless numbers of Christians who standby Israel and love Israel. There are Jewish programs such as Rabbi Eckstein’s agency “On the Wings of Eagles” in which He rallies the support of Christians in helping Jews in despair to make Aliyah to Israel. There are groups within Israel such as Bridges for Peace that help provide humanitarian support without proselytizing or seeking out converts.
In summary true believers are philo Semites. It is important to remember that no church leader in history has ever advocated exterminating Jews or to wipe out the Jewish people. The churches anti-Judaism stance bore no resemblance to Hilters racial anti-Semitism and that the Holocaust itself is considered anti-Christian and true Christians grieve over this event. Lastly the genuine Christians were the ones who helped the Jews not rounding them up or hunting them.



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