Contemporary Judaism is not the true religion of G-d

Contemporary Judaism is not the true religion of G-d. When I say this I don’t mean that Judaism doesn’t have any beneficial or meaningful G-d ordained practices within its movement . However, I do challenge its claim to authority as regulated by the rulings of the Rabbis which I believe falls short in attempting to establish a meaningful relationship between G-d and his covenant people Israel.
To begin with a person must first realize that there is a difference between biblical Judaism and what would later evolve and continue to evolve into rabbinic Judaism. Many of Judaism’s beliefs are vast and widespread and sometimes it is impossible to even know how the belief or practice even originated. You can speak to one Jew from one location and they might practice their Judaism differently from another Jew who is situated in a different geographical location. In Judaism there are endless commentaries with various viewpoints. Combine this with some mystical teachings such as the Kabbala and you end up with a sea of varied beliefs that has the potential to drown you. For instance just to learn how to properly keep the Sabbath is an undertaking by itself let alone trying to observe it. It really makes you wonder if this is what G-d really had in mind in upholding the Sabbath day in keeping it holy. Was the Sabbath to be an impossible feat of avoidance’s with endless and various restrictions? Is their really any joy in undertaking such an arduous task to this celebrated event in the routine of life?
This whole system of rules and beliefs has contributed to a dialogue of confusion and impossibilities that is hardly discernible.
There are also claims that are impossible to substantiate such as the origin of the “Oral Law” which is ancient but does it really go all the way back to Sinai? When G-d speaks to Moses he instructs Him to write down His commands rather than committing them to the fallibility and frailty of human memory. Even though the Ten Commandments could be easily retained G-d had them inscribed in such a way so as to preserve their content. If you have ever played the game of telephone you know how easily something can be confused just from sharing simple information with a small degree of succession. Just the fact that today there are varied traditional beliefs of whose origins are questionable shows the inability to retain and preserve the original intent.
Also when Judaism give the Rabbis the same degree of authority as Moses then I believe this is overextending or stretching the application beyond the boundary stones of the biblical text. Anyway how can G-d contradict himself through the Rabbis since the Rabbis don’t always agree with each another nor are they always in harmony on their varied viewpoints. Is it any wonder that in the Tanakh that the prophet Isaiah says that “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men”.
G-d also warns Moses in Deuteronomy 4:2 not to add to what I command you and do not subtract from it.
In addition to this does G-d require the upholding and the keeping of 613 commandments? Here is yet another departure from biblical truth by stating some non-biblical traditions. How can G-d who is supremely just and righteous require you to keep something that is unattainable or impossible? The reason for this is because these commands would require reinstating the sacrificial system which can’t be done because there is no temple or priesthood.
Also today within Judaism there is a departure from upholding punishment which is due for the transgressor or violator of these commandments by enforcing the biblical requirements of capital punishment such as those who are guilty of committing crimes as related to adultery, Sabbath violations, and disrespectful children just to name a few.
If Judaism could bring people near to G-d then why after some many centuries of having the Torah did it bring a curse resulting in the Diaspora and now 33 centuries later it still hasn’t produced everlasting righteousness.
One of the definitions of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again while all along expecting different results and that is where the matter has taken us today. Just look at the lifestyles of many of the people residing in Tel Aviv and you will see a moral failure which communicates the Torah’s inability or influence by itself to transform people and society. A person can take up residence in the “holy land” but that doesn’t make a person “holy” through association. This isn’t to falter G-d or even the Torah but it depicts mankind’s inability to pursue G-d because of mans nature whose heart is continually corrupt and avoids a pursuit of G-d because of a selfish, self indulgent sinful nature. When you look at Eden and the universality of rebellious Babel, the flood of Noah which resulted from the deluge of evil during his time and the disobedience of corporate Israel then it becomes obvious that there is a cycle of sin that encompasses all of humanity regardless of time and space. You might think well what about religion doesn’t that prove mankind’s desire to connect with G-d. Yet what does the first commandment state? That a person is not to serve other G-d’s and the second commandment stipulates that there is to be no graven images. So position one and two of G-d’s covenant requirements deal with false religion and the tendency to create gods after their own design and that is what rabbinic Judaism has done and regardless of its zeal, piety, and sincerity these are not necessarily the qualities that G-d desires but rather a pursuit of honesty and truth. He desires for truth in the inward parts of mankind’s heart. A person might think that the biblical characters and the religious leaders were the holy ones since they were closer to the original source yet we see through the pages of the Tanakh that they were not exempt from corruption and it is still happening today.
The reason why biblical or modern Judaism does not work is because it was merely meant to be transitory in nature finding its replacement or fulfillment by means of a “New Covenant” people as described in Jeremiah 31:31 where G-d Himself facilitates a change of heart and mind in regards to the worshipper by means of an internal working of His righteousness rather than trusting in the weaknesses and failures of men who couldn’t even uphold the external out workings of the Law.
Why has man’s efforts continued to fail in achieving the righteous requirements of G-d’s law? Just look at the biblical narrative alone and the comments of the anointed servants of G-d who held an intercessory role as mediators including the likes of judges, prophets, priests, and kings and you will hear a certain theme resonating the condition of the human soul which speaks of ultimate depravity.
Just the observance of Yom Kippur alone shows the unequivocal and universality of sin from the greatest to the least, from the eldest to the youngest, from the noble to the common, from the religious to the simple minded.
All these people had one common denominator and that was the fact that they were all heavily laden with the yoke of sin which enslaved them because mankind’s depravity,which is not a respecter of persons, is a disease that has inflicted and plagued all of mankind since the beginning of time regardless of ones position or status in society resulting in one of the nations greatest needs for observance and that is the day that was set apart for the atonement for sin.
If the Mosaic covenant was truly efficacious and self sustaining then why did G-d make way for a “New covenant” thus annulling and rendering the Mosaic covenant as being ineffective and obsolete. You can read it for yourself in Jeremiah 31:31. Rather He has now opened up a new and living way by pouring out His Spirit on all flesh as spoken of by the prophet Joel. This new age has dawned finding its onset and consummation in the person and work of the Messiah Yeshua or Jesus. Who stated that this “New Covenant” was ratified in his body and His shed blood which was a typology of the sacrificial lamb served as the ultimate atonement for sin given on behalf of the worshipper.
Truly if G-d wanted us to uphold the Mosaic covenant then in His sovereignty He would of sustained His earthy temple with its sacrificial requirements. Now Judaism states that G-d has opened up a new way, which is really the same old way, which somehow now replaces the ceremonial laws by relying once again on mere human achievement and observances by the likes of prayer, good deeds, and fasting. This now becomes the replacement theology to satisfy these past ordinances. Strangely enough this was never spelled out by the authority of the scriptures but the Rabbis had to develop a system as a means of grappling with the loss of the temple rites.
Could it be that yes G-d is doing something different and He emphatically accentuates His position by allowing the likes of Islam to inhabit the very site of the temple mount for the last 1300 years.
The prophet Daniel speaks of the destruction of the second temple and the Messiah being cut off. Is it coincidental that when the temple was ransacked and destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD that this event in history was only 40 years removed from the death of Yeshua or Jesus.
The destruction of the temple was a commentary from G-d not stating a need to abolish atonement but rather indicating that the atonement for sin was completely satisfied and fulfilled in Yeshua.
In religious Jewish thought it is the death of the righteous which atones. Read and meditate on the suffering servant as spoken of in Isaiah 53 and you will see a correlation to the person and work of Jesus or Yeshua.
In summary I would like to say that the Jewish people occupy a special and unique place in G-d’s economy of humanity. Yet alongside of this privilege was the responsibility to carry out this election by a means of integrity to the truth of G-d with an uncompromising sense of heartfelt devotion. To love the L-rd their G-d with all of their heart soul, mind and strength.
I am concerned that the religious community in its desire to fulfill its passion for its craving of Judaism’s porridge that it has sold it’s true position in the household of G-d by despising its birthright much like Esau. I believe if they only knew the deception and the lack or the temporary feeling of fullness that this pottage can bring to the emptiness of the soul of their stomach then they like Esau would grieve over their lost privilege to the new heir. The despairing thing is that no matter how much Esau pleads to the father over this matter it has already been settled and can not be over ruled, changed or altered which brings to heart a great sense of loss and jealousy. However we see latter that G-d greatly blesses Esau by his grace and mercy which included a reconciliation with his brother Jacob along with the accumulation of great wealth. G-d will not forsake his promises to the Jewish people and I believe that their glory will one day shine forth like the brilliance of the sun.
In closing I apologize for such a long and tiresome post and I hope that I have not over stated my position. My approach though direct and pointed is not meant to be interpreted as an opportunity to be intolerant, slanderous, and hateful towards the Jewish people. My intention in this post is to challenge the religious institution which I see as straying from its biblical roots by the means of substituting a counterfeit faith.
One might say that to challenge the cultural expression of religion as expressed within the confines of Judaism is then correlated to mean a rejection of the Jewish community. Yet most of the Jewish community is not even religious.
Even G-d Himself states that he hates the false religion of hypocrisy by declaring that He detests their religious gatherings Isaiah 1:14.
Its no wonder that Jesus also corrected and challenged this legalistic system which sought to make serving G-d an oppressive observance of great difficulty.
He warned the Pharisees about loading up burdens upon the peoples shoulders that they could not bear.
I am grateful that the ministry of Jesus was to release the captives,free the oppressed and bind up the broken hearted.
He also said come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Finally Joshua offered the people of Israel a challenge to make a choice of service in obeisance towards the false gods or the one true G-d. He being Israel’s leader openly and courageously declared his uncompromising faith by boldly stating “As for me and my house we will serve the L-rd.” At that moment He assumed His position of spiritual leadership even though there was question among the Israelite community on who G-d is. Perhaps his confession seemed intolerant and pointed as well yet He saw it as His G-d-given responsibility in not only leading the people of Israel into a mere physical conquest of Canaan but rather a leading in the dynamic expression of worship towards the one true G-d.
So in closing I would like to leave you with this same challenge. Who will you choose to serve? Will you side with G-d or the Rabbis? Be a Joshua and take a firm stand in the Jewish community on behalf of truth.It is better to stand alone then to stand against the truth of G-d’s word on the day of judgment. So be brave and courageous and possess the promises of G-d .



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