To be a Jew for Jesus means betrayal

To believe in Jesus is a betrayal to the Jewish people. Perhaps you might be thinking that whatever comes about through Jesus is contrary to the people of Israel. As I already explained in previous blogs Jesus was a Jew and the New Testament was primarily written by Jewish authors who proclaimed its message to the Jew first and is no more anti-Semitic than the Tanach or the Hebrew scriptures. Some people who have aligned themselves with Christianity who were false disciples have distorted the claims of the New Testament and have used the cross as a sword destroying the very foundational beliefs that are sacred to the text. The New Testament holds a high view to human life unlike some religions that support violence as a means  of advancing  their religion or to gain personal advancements in the afterlife. Those who are ethnically Jewish but who make claims to Jesus understand that the New Testament is not against them. After all Jesus said that He came for the lost sheep of Israel. Why would these Jewish believers be willing to be ostracized by the Jewish community for their faith in Jesus if the New Testament didn’t support their Jewishness. Anybody that would claim himself to be a Christian and tell a Jewish brother, who is a believer in Yeshua or Jesus, to deny his heritage in the G-d of his fathers and the Jewish community  is an apostate to the truth.

If you look at some of the greatest people that have had an impact on the Jewish people today they would have been regarded as revolutionaries during their times and were  rejected by their peers and seen as traitors.  Abraham was told to get up and get out and away from his family and homeland and not to worship the gods of his fathers anymore which were pagan in origin. Abraham was faithful to G-d but unfaithful to his family and friends as well as his community at large .

Theodore Herzl who inaugurated the modern zionist state of Israel was rejected by the Jewish leaders worldwide. Eliezer Ben Yehudah was rejected by his family because he  thought that Hebrew should be the everyday language of the Jewish people and now there are many millions of hebrew speaking Jews today. If you study the Tanach you will see that at various times through out the course of  biblical history that those who are now regarded and esteemed within the Jewish community today as being the very foundation stones for the existence and greatness of the Jewish people were at many times rejected  by their own people. Just study the lives of Moses, King David, and the prophets just to name a few examples and you will see that rejection and betrayal was done on behalf of the Israelite community towards G-ds providence through his chosen leadership. Is it possible that today that Israel’s present is still repeating the mistakes of  Israel’s past with a rejection of G-d’s provision for a chosen Messiah Jesus in being the supreme or chief ruler of Israel?  So who has betrayed who here? The primary question should be which is greater  popular opinion and prejudice or rejecting G-d as a social outcast because of our lack of acceptance and tolerance to His will. It would be bettter to stand alone and be cursed and rejected then to turn your back on the creator of the Jewish nation resulting in a everlasting curse in which G-d would reject you. Is it better to betray your people or G-d? Moses the man of G-d would expect you to chose G-d even over your own  families. In Exodus 32:29  Moses honored the Levites because they stood for G-d and in so doing they rejected their own families in return.

Will you remain chained and confined to the past  idealogies of family tradition or will you break free to explore and overcome the limitations of your family and community? Today the  Messianic Jews that are under a new covenant as based in Jeremiah 31: 31 are treated today like the Hasidim of the past who were seen as the betrayers of the Jewish faith and regarded as heretics and yet through their perseverance and persecutions they have succeeded today as a honored group among the religious community.

Rejection is a reactionary approach in dealing with ideological concepts of life as defined by the person or community  which  can prove to be faltering and changing. This is because the response is not posed to define truth but rather it is a belief, whether real or unreal, that results from the emotions and insecurities of a community that may see the situation as a threat or a potential threat. You may say well this is a belief that is well founded because of the history of the Christians in attacking the Jewish people. Again I covered this subject in a previous blog about so called Christians who have shed the blood of Jewish people. The reality is that today you will not find Christian anti-Semitism as being a  prevalent force within the confines of biblical Christendom but rather you might discover the beautiful response of a philo-Semitic attitude which has become the dominant attitude among mainstream evangelicals who are the true friends of Israel. I really do not believe the lie that Jewish people today see Christendom as an enemy bent on their destruction because they gladly receive Christian tourists around the globe within the small confines of their borders. Would they openly do this with the Muslims? America thou entering into a post Christian era still retains a  predominate Christian influence and is seen within the world community as Israel’s friend . Is Israel concerned with American terrorists or tourists who next to Israel has the highest Jewish population in the world. True Christianity has proved a refuge for Jacob’s trouble not the inflictor of pain and suffering but rather the helper to bind up its wounds.



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