Jesus is not Catholic

Jesus is not of the Roman Catholic religion. The term catholic with a small “c” was used  in general terms to mean “universal” . This word concerning the church was first utilized by Ignatius in about 110-115 a.d. meaning the church universal or the whole church which could be applied in a general sense encompassing all believers throughout the ages that have held to the foundational teachings of the original church as defined by the authority of new testament teachings.  So only in this sense can the term  be applied to the church.

This term would later be applied in referring to the Catholic religion with a capital “C” which was defined as being in full communion with the Bishop of Rome. It is possible that the religion that is known as Catholic with a capital “C” is not the true catholic church with a small “c”. In other words the Catholic religion which is represented by a particular denomination should not be confused with the catholic church or the universal church of believers. The incompatibility is seen based on the authority and doctrine that has segregated these groups along the lines of matters as related to biblical authority.

In conclusion the word for Catholic was never applied or used  by  Jesus or his immediate apostolic successors which were responsible for the literature of the new testament.

So finally Jesus is as much a  Catholic as the pope is a Jew. As you can see it doesn’t make sense to talk like this for either parties. Its a ridiculous statement.



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