Is Muhammad a false prophet?

Is Muhammad a false prophet? There have been many religions and cults that have made claims of receiving special revelations by means of a person who was to be a mediator or moderator of truth. Yet we must try to find out and discover which of these situations are discernibly true and which ones are myths and falsehoods. Anybody  can make claims to divine revelation but at some point these claims must be challenged to see if they are verifiable and if they will stand up under  the scrutiny and challenge of further criticisms. After all a testimony is only as good as the credibility of the witness or person. If you were going to establish a person as a legitimate witness in a court of law the first thing you would have to determine is their competency level. Could their testimony be counted as trustworthy based on the reliability of their character or would they be seen as an unfit witness.
I suppose the first thing I would like to consider is the character of the originator and founder of the religious  movement  that is defined as Islam.
Muhammad was a person who had become devoted to the  meditation and contemplation of spiritual matters. These encounters finally  led Him into a experience with a spiritual being in whom He thought was possibly a Jinn. These matters were so pressing on Him that He contemplated suicide twice and didn’t know whether He was to be regarded as a poet or a madman because of these revelations. Also early Islamic sources state that He was under Satanic influence when He wrote Sura 53 which would cause me to question the legitimacy of all His claims to divine inspiration. Moreover Muhammad at one point late in his life said that he was the victim of a magic spell that lasted about a year and according to Ibn Ishaq he mentions Muhammad as being bewitched during this time and Bukhari adds that the spell made him delusional.
We also see questions within his personal attributes and character as a whole. He used force and coercion by means of military conquest when necessary to further his exploits as related to propagating His beliefs. This was a religion that would take on the very form and definition of jihad or “Holy War” in order to maintain its influence and control and that is still the strategy behind Islam today. It began with bloodshed and it continues to shed blood today. So we see a religion that finds its identity not based on the elevated plane of the human expression of love but rather it is centered on the base traits of human mastery which leads to the destruction and exploitation of humanity.
Along side of this abuse of power is his questionable sexual behavior as taking advantage of a child named Aisha whom he marries and then later consummates the marriage when she is only 9 years of age before she even reaches puberty. He also allows for polygamy, but supposedly through a special revelation, he alone has the privileged right to take nine wives apart from the prohibition of Quran 4:3 which limits the number to 4. Another matter is the scandalous marriage with Zaynab by which his adopted son Zayd divorced her so that Muhammad could take her for his wife as a result of him being sexually aroused when accidentally seeing her nearly naked due to an untimely visit to see his adopted son. In addition to this Muslims can have sex with captive women without marrying them even when their husbands are still alive. Muhammad also permitted his followers to practice a form of prostitution called Muta, which is still practiced today, in which a Muslim could pay for sex, marry her for a short time and then divorce. Lastly concerning the violation of women rights he also allowed for a light beating if it was deemed necessary.
At this point it wouldn’t take much of a cross examination to find out that this religion was being established by a questionable person who lacked stability.
There have been others that in the course of history  have used a political an some times a religious platform to further their purposes and ideals. Many of these ideals have lead to the extermination and genocide of the human race based on a prejudice and intolerance that is beyond mere human influence and capabilities. Something that is so crass that it can only be described as being demonic in nature. People like Stalin and Hitler who were false prophets had achieved absolute authority that would  absolutely corrupt them and lead these evil geniuses to carry out their plans of destruction. Its amazing how people would rally behind the likes of the charismatic leadership of Hitler who may have been mentally unstable himself. We all are bewildered and look at these atrocities today and wonder how is it humanely possible for something of this magnitude to happen even in the 20th century and why do people believe the lies and the propaganda to the point of complete deception. Unfortunately this same phenomenon is still happening today with the likes of Islam. Its a madness that is infecting the likes of every aspect of humanity and culture. People are being lulled into supporting its claims and causes not realizing the grip of it destructive clutches in which one day it will inevitably come to ruin much like Hitlers regime.
The whole world recognized the depth of darkness behind the veil of these vile and wicked men and the great wrongs and crimes they committed to our world society which found  them guilty in the most extreme sense. Islam is a religion  with a growing worldwide influence that has infected mankind in epidemic proportions. Yearly there are thousands of people who wrongfully suffer and die because one man had a dream of questionable inspiration.
Will you really continue to follow this path of death and destruction? If you are a practitioner of Islam I would ask you just to simply put aside your tendency to defend what you regard as holy just long enough to look seriously at the evidence and to pray to God to reveal to you  the one who came to give life and life more abundantly namely Jesus.
Matthew 7:15-16

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will recognize them by their fruits.



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The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®) Copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. All rights reserved. ESV Text Edition: 2007

Permission granted by David Woods for excerpts taken from the article on “ Muhammad and the Messiah” in the Christian Research Journal Vol.35/No.5/2012

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