Evolution is Science Fiction

There is a natural tendency to believe whatever we read in a printed text book. When we read published material there is a unconscious bias to accept as fact what is being taught without scrutiny  or further analysis. We merely just accept it  and then we file it away in our minds allowing these ideas to form our worldview from the inspiration and the perspective of a piece of paper who is merely under the power and the bias of its author/creator.  Yet when reading these materials this informational propaganda can be so tricky that we can believe almost anything. Hitler said that if you say something loud enough long enough then people will begin to believe you.

We must remember that there are key words that science has invented which explains the logic of this supposed phenomenon called evolution. The words such as theory and hypothesis are used but are not always taken seriously or they are forgotten because a person wants to believe something so bad that they haphazardly cast off all reasonable doubt and for them to think otherwise would be a regression of progress in their proving the  absence of God. The God factor becomes automatically factored out of the equation and to reconsider life would be a total embarrassment to their intellectual capacity. Yet the very foundation that many have built their structure of faith on is  devoid of absolutes with theory and hypothesis being its very cornerstones. Be careful that your structural reasoning doesn’t topple down around you someday.

Remember evolution was a theory and that is as far as the story line has ever gotten. With all of our modern technological advances and archaeological finds they have failed to piece together the missing link. Life  is better explained and formulated through the process of intelligent design.

No matter where science wants to take off and develop its theory of random chance they often skip over the starting point  with an eagerness to explain existence without a beginning.  Science can not  prove the non-existence of a creator but on the contrary it supports the concept of creation science because life is delicate and is extremely complicated or fine tuned.  Science can make a observation such as a big-bang theory because they know the universe is expanding. Science agrees there was a beginning such as what the bible supports rather than a eternity past with a infinite universe. This big bang had to originate with a mass and a subsequent explosion factors that scientists often mention without  explaining their original cause or origin.

Darwin states that his theories where only as good as the archaeological evidences that support them yet there has been no concrete evidences such as intermediary forms or missing links. The ones that were often brought forward and substantiated as proof cases  were latter to be proved as hoaxes or falsifications. The intelligent design model bases the observed evidence as life originating after their own kind.

The real issue is not a intellectual one but rather a moral choice. Evolution has become a fairy tale to delude and satisfy  the minds of  people who do not want God to exist. So these thin walls of theory are build to sustain and protect their beliefs of ignorance which will quite the conscious that is crying out that there is a supreme being who rules over the created order of life. Romans 1: 18-32 defines the mechanics of this logic.

I know this blog is direct and pointed but can you give the same attention and devotion to studying the possibilities of God with an unbiased approach as what some claim when studying the sciences? Can you allow the evidence to direct your call without the input of a  professor or a text book? Will you think for yourself and not allow your peers or associates to determine the boundaries of your existence?

I challenge you to pray to the creator of the universe and the one who made you. To reveal himself to you in a real and tangible way so as to believe in Him. Not as a skeptic but with sincerity of heart as one who is really trying to investigate matters of fact.

Many people who have set out on a quest to disprove God through the sciences have ironically come to believe in Him. You can read about individuals such as Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel who were bent on this very mission of silencing the Christian witness when they began to realize that the truth resonated so loudly to them that they could no longer bear the voice of God  speaking to their hearts.

The bible states in Psalms 19:1-3

1 The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they display knowledge.

3 There is no speech or language

where their voice is not heard. [a]

The fact is that God is speaking and my challenge to you is whether or not you are willing to listen.



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