Atheists Do Not Exist

There may be people who make claims to rejecting the existence of God yet this position is impossible to verify an cannot be validated. Not believing in something  does not prove its nonexistence but rather it is merely a belief system. In order to make an exclusive claim that God does not exist it would take an  all-powerful being who contains all-knowledge and has surveyed ever square inch of the universe. To make a clear case that  God does not exist and present it as an absolute truth would be a determined state of psychosis.



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One Response to “Atheists Do Not Exist”

  1. Darlings says:

    “There may be people who make claims to rejecting the existence of God yet this position is impossible to verify and cannot be validated.”

    Belief is the combination of state of one’s mind and a feeling in the heart. If someone says he doesn’t belief something it may be true or untrue.

    Only hypocrites hold beliefs and refuse the fact, which doesn’t mean someone else cannot hold a positive opinion of not believing in something. It doesn’t have to be concerning only God.

    When I say I don’t believe something I really mean I DON’T. Do you have to necessarily prove my contention? The fact is that whether or not you accept my position doesn’t in the least change my viewpoints or convictions.

    What I want to imply here is that there are ATHEISTS because they don’t believe in the existence of God. But this doesn’t hurt all those who believe in the existence of God, neither does it, as you maintain, change God’s existence.

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