Jesus is Jewish

Jesus is Jewish and His ancestral lineage can be traced back to the patriarchs and King David. He was a resident of Israel and lived a Jewish lifestyle encompassing the ceremonial, civil, and traditional aspects of Jewish living.

Perhaps He is even more Jewish than you are in many respects given His credentials.

Jesus is the most influential Jew to ever live so shouldn’t you at least consider His claims as well as the testimonies of fellow Jews who knew Him personally and wrote of Him in the gospel accounts.

Remember Jesus is not a foreign figure to the Jewish culture and community. Jesus was never a Gentile nor was He ever a Christian or a Catholic. He is the Jewish Messiah who came first for the nation of Israel and then later to the Gentiles. Today there are approximately over 300,000 Jews who believe in Jesus or Yeshua.

Perhaps you were told some things in regards to what to believe or not to believe concerning His ministry and work. Is it possible that this could just be a case of prejudice and misinformation. Dear friend I would not want a misunderstanding to come between you and the greatest gift G-d has ever given and personally I don’t think you want to miss out on the possibilities just because of some reactionary or emotional and irrational responses to His person .

Please take the time and read the gospels while prayerfully considering who Jesus is. I would encourage you not to approach this situation as merely a skeptic in taking only a critical look at the text. I would ask you to take an open, honest, and sincere evaluation while posturing yourself in an attitude of proving the new testament to be right rather than wrong. I would further ask  you to pray to G-d to reveal  to you the truth of the matter in a tangible way so as to believe and trust in Him as your L-rd and Saviour.


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