Why are you a Muslim?

Why are you a Muslim? Have you really every considered this question or given it much thought? Was it because you personally discovered a means of truth or gained some kind of revelation or spiritual insight to life? Is it because you were naturally drawn into the religion of Islam due to some kind of intimate and personal relationship with G-d?

Are you a Muslim because that is what  your culture and society defines you to be? Just consider if you had been born and raised in the area of the US that is considered the bible belt. Under these conditions what do you think your chances would of been in accepting or believing in the Islamic faith?

Are you a Muslim because you don’t have the freedom of choice and to do otherwise  would cost you everything? Imagine once again that  you were born into a democratic society that allowed you the right of religious freedom. Would you still be a Muslim?

Are you a Muslim because that is what your family expects from you and because they are the ones who define your worldview and values?  What if you belonged to a family that allowed you to make your own decision concerning what you believe and fully accepted you regardless of your position?

Are you a Muslim because that is what everybody else is doing? What if you were a part of a culture that allowed for a diversity of beliefs? Would this still inspire you  to embrace Islam?

Are you following Islam because you have been told by the religious authorities and instructed through the educational system that Islam is the only true religion? Imagine being born in a atheistic country that had a whole different philosophy to a G-dless life. Would you still be a Muslim?

Are you a Muslim  because of the fear of not being a Muslim or the repercussions from not accepting this belief or faith yet what if you were not faced with these fears or inhibitions?

Is it possible that Islam is regarded as a practice that is defined to some degree  by a geographical location?

Is it possible that a person can be so integrated into a religious system that it becomes nearly impossible to break free from its influence?

Is it possible to believe only what we have been told to believe with a blind faith mentality that can not be questioned?

Can a person become so isolated within a culture that He cannot be influenced by outside sources?

Can a religion be a way of controlling and manipulating people in carrying out a political agenda?

Should a  religion cause you to lose a sense of personal identity?

Can you honestly tell yourself that after thinking through this blog that you would still be fully confident in affirming your belief in Islam or do you have doubts. If you are still  confident in your beliefs then could you just be a Muslim because of a strong sense of pride that will not allow you to be wrong? Can your over confidence cause you to be deceived?

So what is your true motivation in being a Muslim? Is it really a matter of truth or could it be best defined by culture?

Much of the growth of Islam has been through the efforts of  military conquest and child birth. Is this really a sincere or legitimate approach to faith ?

Anyway there have been Muslims that have doubted Islam and have miraculously broke free from the its stronghold by believing  in Jesus . I have included a link on my blog site that has  testimonies from former Muslims who found another solution to their doubts and fears.

In closing I would like to offer you a challenge to read these testimonies and then to ask God to reveal Jesus to you in such a way as to place your trust in Him as Lord and Savior. Don’t allow fear to keep you from doing this thinking that this will somehow keep you from a paradise that you are not even guaranteed from entering anyway.



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