Hypocrites in the Church

Yes, there are hypocrites in the Church just like there were religious pharisaical hypocrites during the time of Jesus whom He rightfully condemned. Yet just because a person claims to be a Christian as going through the motions of Christendom, such as with the sacramental acts of baptism and the eucharist, does not make them a Christian believer as indicating a genuine and life changing conversion. Jesus said there would be false believers in the Church such as with the parable of the Tares among the Wheat, Mt 13:24-30. Thus this characterization can be a result of mistaken identity and should not be a stereotypical ploy or statement to categorize all Christianity.
Also being a Christian doesn’t imply absolute perfection and sinlessness, such as with the deity of Christ, and those who would make such claims are deceived or liars, 1 John 1:8.
In conclusion this whole schema is an overestimation of the skeptic to see themselves in the mirror through rose colored glasses as observing their own genuineness when ironically they are blinded by their own duplicity, Mt. 7:4-5.
The crux to this whole situation is that it becomes a lame excuse to excuse themselves from accepting and receiving the person and work of Christ especially as Jesus is the one who is to be worshipped not mankind.



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