Miracles in Hinduism

To begin with I believe that there are many Hindu’s who may be sincere about their beliefs but respectfully are sincerely wrong when it comes to the absolute truth of their religious claims.
One such example of this initially happened in 1995 with the drinking milk incident in which an adherent had a dream whereby they were to offer their god, Ganesha, milk by which the statue supposedly consumed which led to a hysteria of milk offerings in India and around the world at the various temples with the same miraculous outcome among it’s pantheon of deities.
Yet in spite of all of this corroborating evidence it has been proven that this miracle isn’t about the miraculous but rather it has to do with physics which explains this phenomenon as a natural occurrence through the process of capillary action which gives the appearance that the statue is drinking the milk when it is not.
I remember watching a television program about this event as debunking some of these supernatural claims among various religions and the proof came as a group of Indians watched as a Mickey Mouse figurine was given milk by which it in like manner seemingly consumed the drink that it was offered. As I observed this I could see the disappointment on a nearby Indian’s face as coming to realize that this was all false.
In all fairness perhaps this was done rather innocently as simply not realizing what had happened but I think it should be a warning to everyone that just because there are religions who make such miraculous claims as representing spiritual truth that not everything is at it may first seem or appear to be. The bible says that we should test the spirits to see if they are of God and thus it would behoove ourselves to verify events and people who claim to speak for or represent God rather than simply accepting every religious experience.
Anyway I have written more about Hinduism in some of my other articles which will hopefully be insightful to the nature of this religion.




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