Muhammad and Miracles

The Quran implies that the only miracle that Muhammad performed was reciting the revelation of the Quran, Sura 29:49-52, Sura 17:90-93 and I have written more about the Quran at

If these Quranic passages were true then this contradicts other accepted Islamic literature such as Sahih Bukhari Hadith which contains such outlandish animistic claims as stating that Muhammad comforted a tree trunk that was weeping by rubbing his hand over it, 4.783, and by giving the Meccan people a miracle by showing them the moon split in two halves between the Hiram Mountain, 5.208.

Obviously these folklore stories are fictitious and mythical and are like the pseudepigraphical gnostic gospels of the Nag Hammadi texts which contain similar unbelievable stories as based in the imagination of legend. Some Muslims will go as far as to use this pseudo christian literature as a proof text to substantiate the position of the Quran as denying the suffering of Jesus in His gruesome yet glorious death.
I have written another article about the crucifixion as authenticating the biblical witness to this historical event at

In conclusion the Hadith like the Nag Hammadi accounts came many years after the life of Christ and Muhammad which allows for enough time to embellish their narrative to create a mythology of their person and work.



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