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Normally I edit and summarize a persons testimony before posting it on my blog site however in this case they so beautifully articulated their point that I am leaving it in the form that it was sent. Anyway I received this email from an Indian lady who comes from a Hindu background and her message can stand by itself as it summarizes the importance of spoken Truth as found in the Biblical text. As you read her letter I hope you find it inspirational and I encourage you likewise to read the Bible beginning with the New Testament. Moreover I have written a couple of articles in dealing with the credibility of the Scripture from the standpoints of literature and archaeology which I believe offers ample evidence to its historicity.

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Jesus paid me a visit when I was sixteen or seventeen. It was before
my world started to fall apart. And I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t even
sleepy. It was mid day and holidays and I was studying. It was almost
a decade ago so the details are fuzzy but I remember the odd light in
the room. You see my room faces a high rise and as such I do not get
much light through the window. It is a custom in these parts to not
turn on the lights during day time. As a result we have to do with
what little light that remains.

If I were sleepy or asleep I could have accredited the vision to the
Bible that was gifted in our school about a year ago and about which I
had completely forgot. But I wasn’t afforded the luxury. I didn’t see
Jesus. I saw the light and I saw the shadow of the cross in the light
and I heard a clear voice telling me to open the Bible. It was spooky.
I spent the next six hours searching for the paperback New Testament.

You may ask how could things plummet after that. I was a Hindu then,
heart and soul. Hindus have a strange way of assimilating all
religious deities into their faith. At that point of time I took the
Bible and the teaching in that light. It was just one other God. I
read the gospels then I went back to my old life. I had my Gods. They
were the Gods I had grown up knowing and they were the Gods who were easier to please, a gift, a flower offering and they would fulfill a
wish. They didn’t require me to submit my entire soul and it was
easier that way.

I loved a boy then. Not really a boy, a man. I wanted to be his wife
and I prayed to my Gods. I bargained with everything I had till I had
nothing left. I lost my virginity to the man. I thought that was a big
deal. Guess what. That was the beginning. When the man asked me to
have group sex with his friends I knew that was wrong. I couldn’t
stoop that low. I started hating my Gods for not making me stop to get
so low. I couldn’t face my Gods anymore.

Then I met a guy online who was a follower of ISKCON movement. You may or may not have heard of it. It is an offshoot of Hinduism that
believes in cleansing of the self through constant penance. I
submerged myself in it trying to clean my heart, my body and my soul.
They had a different interpretation of Bhagvad Gita. I read it. I read
it twice. In every line I read I found the Bible. The words I had read
so long ago came back to me again and again till I knew what path I
had to take. I left my Gita and picked up a Bible. I am trying to find
my way back to Jesus ever since.

Perhaps He orchestrated the entire thing, cleansing me of the
dependence I had on my Gods and replacing them with my dependence on Him. I know my story is crazy. I told this to one other person and he stopped talking to me after that. You don’t have to believe me. Just believe in Him. And yes He has a strange way to firm your faith.

Yours truthfully,

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