Trick or Treat


Being this time of the year I thought I would write about Halloween, or as my wife calls it Helloween. Anyway the purpose of this blog is not to debate the nature of this holiday but to discuss how some people treat Christ as a “Trick or Treater” who comes knocking at our door thinking of Him like some kind of folklore spirit that needs the sweet appeasement of our personal peace offerings so as not to be tricked to Hell.
So when greeted from behind closed doors they dress the part in their relationship to God as stating, I am a good person, I do good deeds, or I am trying to do better. They may even mention their yearly attendance of services around certain sacred events, performing the mantra’s of confession and creeds with rituals performed and monies given. Their seasonal devotion may include decorative statuaries, symbols, and wall hangings.
Yet these measly kind of sacrificial offerings are trivially characteristic of cultus religious activities as adding to the bag of different goodies in hoping to find another year of peace and prosperity,  Ephesians 2:8-9, Hebrews 10.
Yet what God desires is to Cross over the threshold of our homes rather than fearfully being kept at arm’s length as a costumed stranger, Revelation 3:20.
Therefore God is holding out to us with the intention of receiving a personal relationship rather than  securing the benefits of a one night fest.

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