A testimony from a Jewish friend

Recently I had heard about a friend of mine who had been diagnosed back in September as having terminal cancer in her brain and back. How they had found out about it was because she had a couple of car wrecks after blacking out. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the cars were  the only things that had been damaged.

I think after they had got her to the hospital they did a MRI or a CAT scan only  to determine that she had cancer. Unfortunately they said it was so far progressed that she had only  two weeks to live. Anyway she  started her Chemo treatments immediately and during her treatments she had met  an Indian lady who was a Christian and she prayed for her.

Before I share anymore I need to give you a little background about my friend Linda. First of all she was not a Christian and  is ethnically Jewish. Many Jews are conditioned not to believe in Jesus even though Jesus himself was Jewish. Anyway she said that when she was in the hospital that on several occasions at night Jesus would appear to her. After hearing this I really believe her story and I have heard of similar testimonies of this same thing happening among Jews and Muslims alike. Also as she was sharing about this she was crying so I knew that her heart had really been touched. Now her family probably  just wants to believe  that she was just hallucinating  or somehow  blame it on the medication because for a Jew to believe in Jesus it is quite a big deal.

As I began to think about her situation I realize that outside of this lady praying for her she had never been preconditioned in expecting that Jesus would visit her  but rather on the contrary it was probably the last person she had expected to visit her. Here previous position before all this had  happened was that generally all religions are valid to some degree and as  far as I was concerned she could of just as easily of seen other manifestations of other deities or religious leaders such as Buddha, Muhammad, or someone who would had more popularity among the Jewish culture such as Moses.

Anyway now her family is upset with her over this and I couldn’t really interview her extensively  because her family was in the home while we were visiting and all  she could do is whisper to us about her experience. There was really only one time that I had the opportunity to question her a little more about the situation and this is only because the family had left the room for a little while.

So anyway I had prayed for these dear people for some years and I was so happy  to see her receive Jesus in her heart.

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