My God is your God

Many of my eastern friends often look at Christianity as a foreign invasion of western colonialism. However, Christianity, regardless of where you live, will at first seem culturally unfamiliar, especially as Christ came from a Jewish background, not of European or American descent, which as a US citizen makes it somewhat foreign to me as it is to you. Surprisingly, my eastern friends are anthropologically closer to Christianity than I am, in that it was birthed in the East within an Asian culture.

The reason why Christianity traveled from its homeland is because it was never intended to remain within the geographical boundaries of Israel, as from its inception it was to be an all-encompassing worldwide movement as to include every tribe, tongue, and nation, which on a macro scale has been done as the largest religion on Earth. Moreover, this all seems to make sense especially if a person can imagine a God who made the world and the universe, as including all mankind, as taking a comprehensive interest in more than just one location, to include all, starting from Jerusalem then on to Judea, Samaria, and moving into every part of the earth.

Therefore, this sort of efficacy gives support to Christian theism apart from many of these eastern religions, which were territorially based as tribal or perhaps national, in never intending to go worldwide as a part of their original movement. It has only been more recently that the world has been introduced and influenced by these Eastern religions due to globalization, which seems ironic given the attitude of some these eastern militant nationalists who may not oppose exporting their goods yet hostilely reject the import of Western civilization as somewhat incorporating Christian values and thought. Nevertheless, my main point is, that a maximally great God would more than likely be a Being who would include everyone instead of localized spirits and deities who were ethnocentrically situated within a confined space.

Finally, the glory of God was intended to incorporate the beauty of a cosmopolitan, multinational, religio-cultural tapestry as colorfully woven by the threads of a common, yet diverse, humanity as created upon the framework of an incarnational Christ as to gloriously display God’s image as an intertwining fabric that was designed with a complementary pattern that was theocentric.

This masterful handiwork of art was like joining East to West in forming one new person as removing the wall of hostility in adopting us together as brothers and sisters, in coming through the inclusive message of the gospel as having gone into all the world,  reconciling people unto God as His children, welcoming them into a boundless space of citizenship, leading to a new heaven and earth irrespective of human devices. God’s purpose is to bring people together under His Lordship as reclaiming the nations who were originally separated and dispersed in rebellion at Babel as now uniting them to redemptively speak a common language of praise towards the One who has built for them an everlasting kingdom as reaching unto the heavens?



How to know God

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