Quotes 4

I’m just an ordinary guy serving an extraordinary God.

We sing what a beautiful name it is in worship then find ourselves entertained by those who blaspheme that name.

Heaven-Home of Rob

With God I always feel like I’m His favorite.

If you truly knew the holiness and justice of God then the saying only God can judge me would not bring you comfort but terror. #repentandbesaved.

God made an immovable stone of death in which He removed to reveal the living Christ.

The worst thing I hate about being around unbelievers is knowing that there’s a demonic force at work within them that has no image of God.

I’ve worked long enough and been around enough people that everyone reminds me of someone else I know.

Your first impression may be your last.

The problem with mankind is that they’re always trying to play god, whether openly or secretively, as using various means to facilitate this yearning.

The body is not a temple of worship but a temple for worship.

A nice home isn’t nice unless it’s really home-Heaven

If God exists what has a greater consequent, belief or unbelief?

I can’t relate to live in boyfriends until we are related.

The Jesus Life

You’ve got it all wrong if you think heaven is just an escape. Rather it’s a yearning to be at home with the One of whom our soul dearly loves.

Music, voice, and instrument are often misguided to honor the messenger rather than glorifying the God who created such gifts.

It’s a mitzvah to believe in Yeshua, Deuteronomy 18:15.

Some people are only interested in the book of Revelation because it’s just another mystery novel to them; not the word of God.

It’s a good bird, I mean a God bird, when it wakes you up to pray in the morning.

If you want to run the cockroaches out of your place just put on some praise and worship music and watch them scatter.

Jesus or bust.

Some may be given a wonderful eulogy, a glorious obituary, a beautiful headstone but all I care about is whether my name is written in the Lambs Book of Life.

God wants our heart to be so driven with love for Him that it supersedes the greatest passions, desires, and lusts that this world has to offer. Matthew 22:37-38.

Jesus, do you ever think back on your sufferings or do you continue to suffer about the thoughts of that time both then and now in how you’ve been rejected, betrayed, and left to hang on a cross?

It’s God’s job to deliver and preserve us and it’s our job to believe that He can do just that.

Having a relationship with Jesus means more than hanging a cross on your neck.

We sing “show us your glory” while all the time His glory indwells us by the Spirit.

Wish fulfillment for an Atheist is praying that God does not exist.

We think about Moses prevailing over the Amalekites when his hands were held high and then there is Christ whose arms were lifted up as secured to a cross as saving all of mankind from the enemy of their souls.

The divinity of Jesus was somewhat disguised as only a few could actually peer through the veil of His flesh to see His glory. This resulted in profiling Him as an impostor or just a good man; labeling Him as a prophet, sage, carpenter’s son, humanitarian, a b——d or even a sorcerer. Yet when He returns on the clouds of heaven there will be no mistaken identity but only a grave reminder in how they regarded Him.

It’s impossible for a mere man to bring world peace; only God can do that, and therefore it’s a testimony to the divinity of Yeshua in joining both Jews and Arabs as brothers in His name.

Galatians 3:28

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

From a skeptics viewpoint it’s foolish to believe in Jesus; yet as a believer, I have much to gain while they have much more to lose as suppressing the truth to believe their own lies.

Humans are so superficial in giving preference to the skills and talents of a person before even considering their character.

If we could approach sin as realizing that none of our behavior is private in that there are myriads of onlookers watching us; then this alone should be enough to curb our desire to sin as we stand naked before these multitude of witnesses as they gaze upon our depravity.

I believe in the eternal security of the believer but consider how some of the angels fell from their position of favor. Therefore, how is it that Christians are somehow exempt from this same outcome by chanting the mantra “once saved, always saved ” as if to magically ward off the possibility of apostasy.

Humility occurs the moment we realize that our lives are for His glory, not our own, and to think otherwise is like Achan’s sin as stealing what is rightfully God’s property.

Mankind, as the image bearer, strives to be god instead of glorifying God as wanting our own identity in promoting our image so that others can worship us.

Robotic Consciousness is sy-fy and it shows that there’s more to our humanity than physicality and no matter how advanced the hardware you can’t produce volition and morality in that the mind is more than brain chemicals and the firing of neurons.

If there is no concept of sin, right and wrong, good or evil, then there is no such thing as karma or ahimsa as in Hinduism.

Some crave traveling with a desire to visit various locations but never truly arrive at any one place so as to completely satisfy their sense of adventure. Yet our heart tells us that there is a final place of which our soul yearns to discover as the ultimate of all destinations; namely heaven.

We all love the fiction of a Hallmark movie as someone falls in love or maybe their reunited or reconciled with a loved one. But what really brings me the greatest enjoyment in real life is to see someone/anyone fall in love with the Lord as being restored to the Father. Makes me cry every time.

We weren’t born into this world on our own neither are we born again by our self, John 1:13.

The epitome of human sin is to first question and accuse God about evil before considering their own as if to excuse themselves and blame God for societies ills in hopes of quieting or silencing Him before He ever gets a chance to cross-examine their wrongs.

Romans 3:19

19 Now we know that whatever things the law says, it speaks to those who are under the law, that every mouth may be closed, and all the world may be brought under the judgment of God.

Lord, I’m so sorry that I withheld my love from you in making you wait before allowing you to embrace me with your outstretched arms that had been pierced by and for me.

Don’t add or take away my words, Deuteronomy 4:2- Kabbalah and Talmud

Why are modern signs, wonders, and miracles left out of contemporary apologetics? He’s the same God yesterday, today, and forever.

I’m 50 years old and I’ve figured out what’s really important in life-Preaching the Good News

Trying to conceal your sin from God is like a moose trying to hide sideways behind a tree.

What a shame to go your whole life and never find your gifting but it’s even more of a pity to know it and never use it for God’s glory.

I’m sure what I’ve said in these quotes is something someone else has already mentioned and hopefully it bears repeating.

Some don’t care about the road signs in life, they’d rather go at it on their own, as ignoring the warnings of going the wrong way in hoping to avoid the risks of this world and the next- Careless Life.

The strength of God’s truth still prevails in spite of the weakness of a poor debater or defender. Also God’s truth isn’t reduced according to the charisma of the opponent as with human arguments, persuasive speech, voice, gesture, and power point presentation neither is it purely sustained by a seasoned apologist. Rather, it’s the convicting power of the Holy Spirit working through weak vessels of clay who foolishly preach a gospel that convinces and convicts mankind that God’s word is true-More than apologetics.

To say that science is amoral is often a misrepresentation of the scientist’s analytical and interpretative conjectures which don’t occur in a vacuum as they are moral agents that formulate hypothesis and theories according to their presuppositions. To remain completely objective or unbiased is to allow the evidence to lead the way as to willfully follow it no matter where it may take them even if it means allowing for the possibility of a God factor.

Jesus contemporaries and modern man say show me a sign or miracle then I’ll believe and yet both parties knew full well that it would never be enough. Nonetheless, God conceded to do the impossible by raising His Son from the dead and still they weren’t or aren’t convinced. If God’s done His part then what’s your excuse?


Don’t waste a business card; they make great bookmarks.

Many people medicate the problems in life by treating its symptoms; not caring about its hellish side effects nor its root cause of selfishness- Sinful Addictions.

The Big Bang by itself would of been a big mess without the intelligence of a Master Designer who brought about such complexity and order-God

Naturalists have tried to walk over God’s back like hot coals in hoping they don’t get burnt as escaping the flames of Hell.

Scientists aren’t always about discovering how to connect the dots; sometimes they’d prefer to draw the lines first and then add their points of interest to make it look like there’s a pattern.

Some want others to believe in the miracle of the Resurrection even though they’re don’t believe in miracles for today.

A person trapped in religion is like a person confined to looking in a vanity mirror as the only reality they can see are themselves and the things that closely surround them.

Sometimes God’s not saying anything because we’re not saying anything, James 4:2-3.

You may have your own religion but in reality it really has you-Bondage

It’s not what you can do for yourself; rather, it’s what God has done for you, Ephesians 2:8-9.

I’m not a gambler but with Jesus I’m all in.

Jesus-I believe

Jesus is the perfect soul mate.

Macroevolution is said to be real science even thou it can’t be reproduced and tested therefore it should be scrutinized as just propaganda that is being preached by the religion of Naturalism.

Worship is my happy place.

I heard a guy say that the Lyft driver pulled the Jesus card on him and the driver got no tip.  And I’m thinking well you should have taken his then.

West Texas is so flat that the only irregularity to the topography is being able to see the curvature of the Earth.

I saw it, but only for a second, it was the purest and pristine of all whites complimented with the brilliance of gold-My heavenly mansion

Trying to take the Devil on your own turf is like trying to walk onto a professional football team without pads.

Now days I can only watch certain movies because of the profanities related to Jesus or God but they dare not use the name of Muhammad, Buddha, Allah, Brahma, etc. as such cursing would create an outrage. Then on second-hand why curse someone who doesn’t exist or who doesn’t matter.

Sometimes we treat God like a one nightstand.

When Messiah comes there will be world peace
There is no world peace
Messiah has not come
This syllogism is true, if the first premise is restated as to when Jesus returns

Yes I agree, the universe did start with a single point or singularity, namely God.

You can hold onto the world unto death but don’t think the world will hold onto you.

Blasphemy of Christ is thinking that you have to do something extra to add to His finished work on the cross as thou His salvific task was not completely efficacious to accomplish the will of the Father.

I don’t know what’s worse when dealing with temptation; the mountaintop or the valley.

The enemy is like a fungus or parasite as always needing a host to prey on.

Prayer is not to be used superstitiously.

God, People, Sin leads to a Savior.

Some disregard the Bible as superstition while supporting the pretentious ruse of Darwinism in calling it truth.

Good witch-oxymoron

Being from rural Kansas my only skyscrapers were grain elevators.

Monsters inside of me sounds more like a show on demon possession.

Without Jesus I’m as good as dead.

Perhaps you’re not hearing God because you’re about 5 bars short of a full signal.

God’s word being preached to the unbeliever is like a bad song they can’t get out of their head.

You can only reason with someone who’s reasonable.

Heaven will be fully integrated.

Jesus I know but who are you? – Rob on religion

In Heaven there will be no end; only a happy ever after.

Maybe God gave us lips to protect our teeth when we lip-off.

My daughters Facebook post marks Her as a follower of Jesus, and I’m thinking, “That’s my daughter,” only to be interrupted by God to say, “No, she’s mine.”

Buying a ticket to heaven is a rock sing which has nothing to do with the Rock of Ages.

There’s a huge difference between believing in and believing on Jesus in that one leads to salvation while the other does not.

In my witness I’m not trying to attack anyone; rather it’s more like placing a small sticker burr in their shoe as a reminder that God is with them every step of the way.#repentandbelieve

Love is not a feeling but it sure feels good when it is.

The Devils only friends are the rebellious and the ungodly; so what makes me think that unbelievers will like or befriend me?

In a relationship-Jesus

Please forgive me if I’m wrong, but it seems as if the Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat is still a form of Helloween masquerading itself as an angel of light. #inbutnotoftheworld

I’ve got a Christ Crush

Quote 1129

When Jesus exclusively said that He is the way; He did so as to inclusively bring the whole earth under his Lordship in making disciples of all nations.

If you don’t respond to Gods’ truth, through the basis of natural theology, then how will you ever receive the simplicity of the gospel?

You know you’re over fed when you loathe the Bread of Life to crave the world’s fare.

Speaking authoritatively; doesn’t make you an authority #newatheists

Even enemies will unite in rejecting Jesus #theworld

Are we there yet?- Heaven

Moral relativism is like a mindless zombie apocalypse; a body without ethical reason or soul, just a drive with a fleshly appetite.

Until you rouse the devil in the unbeliever you’ve not properly witnessed.

Jesus Freak-Coming out of the closet.

Death-why do you seemed so shocked; you knew I was coming for you.

Human nature is like a cockroach; hard to kill and comes out at night to feast on the filth of the world.

The Devil’s truth is a lie, John 8:44

In respect to truth, God is black and white without any mixture or corruption;  completely pure of greying.

Some forget about the sanctity of life and its value until we consider the impact of Christ who was born into this world. #prolife

Where would Christmas be and why do you celebrate it when it’s about giving birth to the Savior of the world? #holidayirony #prolife

Where would the world be if Christ hadn’t been born? #prolife

Imagine if Joseph had tried to get rid of Christ as an illegitimate child.  #prolife

I was too bashful to take a platform with a live audience; so social media and pen pal sites became my pulpit.

Jesus took the lashes as having your back.

We work hard to discern and understand the noises of nature but turn a deaf ear towards the God of nature.

If the earth is the Lords’ footstool then it goes to show how lowly He stooped to wash the disciples feet to having His feet bathed in blood being  pierced through for our transgressions so that we might share in our highnesses’ throne.

I’m so glad God didn’t create me smart and fearless as I would of defamed God and ruined people in my pride; therefore destroying myself.

It’s not in my spiritual DNA to hate and even thou I can’t always forgot the wrongs done to me I don’t have the power to wield unforgiveness as forming a weapon against others as I’m only armed with the love of Christ being reminded that He forgave me; His enemy.

Sometimes the flesh or the devil reminds me why I should be angry or hold resentment against my enemies and then it occurs to me that I’m not like them.

I’m distraught every time I hear the Lord’s name misused and I can’t imagine how that might make Him feel. Probably like someone who lives a double life but calls themself a Christian.

Atheism is a term that should be classified under abnormal psychology.

Christ had to be born so we could be born again.

Gentleman’s Club is more like a kennel club.

Its just messed up when you try to go onto a Christian website and it ends up taking you to an ad for cannabis oil. #truestory #cbd

Some people chose pets over people but in some sense I have taken books for my friends, as they never bite back as always accepting me for myself as a true companion should. #sad

Saying you’re a Christian and being Christian are two different things.

When you lose sight of your greatest purpose of bringing glory to God that’s because you’re blinded by your own pride and selfish ambition.

You may think that it’s arrogant and intolerant for me to say that Jesus is the only way; yet it’s haughty to say that He’s not.

Jesus is either “the way” or “no way”; not “one of the many ways”. #nootheroptions

I am saddened in life as I’m asked to assist with other people’s needs but not sure if their requests are legitimate and what I’m supposed to do about it.


I wish I had a penny for every time the world misrepresents the name of God or Jesus as I could use such filthy lucre to support missionaries who declare the glory of God to the nations.

My wife is so thrifty I think she’ might bury me in all her Wal-Mart bags. lol

Some think it’s their ministry to fix all the problems in the church and I’m thinking  they’re going to be bored when they get to heaven and have nothing more to do.

We preach, talk, and sing about it but we don’t live as if Jesus is coming soon, Titus 2:11-14.


Messianic Jew: Why am I not considered a Jew if I’m Christian?

Rabbi: Because you have forsaken and betrayed Judaism.

Messianic Jew: Ok, but am I still ethnically Jewish?

Rabbi: Yes, I suppose.

Messianic Jew: I mean there are African Christians, Chinese Christians, and Indian Christians etc., etc. They also come from different ethno-religious backgrounds but that does not mean they aren’t African, Chinese, and Indian?

Messianic Jew: So is it really about religion? After all there are many Jewish people who are atheist/agnostic or non-observant but does that make them non-Jewish? There are also Jews who practice non-traditional forms of Judaism such as the Reconstructionist and Reformed.  So why discriminate against Messianic Jews who follow Yeshua?

Rabbi: No, that’s different.

Messianic Jew: So Christianity, which is a first century Jewish movement that was started by Jews for Jews, which latter included the Nations as a messianic fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures according to the prophet Isaiah is something entirely different?

Rabbi: hmmm

Some people are so smart they’ll argue themselves right out of heaven.

Perhaps our desire and drive for novelty and freedom in America has something to do with our rejection of Jesus in pursuing foreign religions and gods.

We may never understand the question of why in relationship to life but we act as if we do when we blame God.

The fallacy of false authority occurs when an expert on one subject is treated as an expert in other unaffiliated areas, such as with Christianity.

We preach, talk, and sing about it but we don’t live as if Jesus is coming soon, Titus 2:11-14.

Being good for goodness sake has no substance, reference, or meaning apart from a good God.

The theaters need to come out with more God-rated movies.

The one that is likened unto the Son of Man, who is given honor, glory, and worship as ruling over the nations depicts a Messiah that’s not only earthly, but divine, as fitting the description of the person and work of Jesus, Daniel 7:13-14.

I believe there’s a reason why Isaiah 53 is removed from the synagogue reading and that’s because it sounds exactly like Yeshua.

How ironic it is when April Fools Day, aka Atheist Day, coincides with the celebration of the Resurrection.

You can’t cheat Heaven. So what will you do when it’s your turn to give an account?

Don’t you know Lord that I really love you; that I really care.
Life is a distraction from your holy presence so I can’t wait to be with you there.
Lord, let me not be overcome by the things of this life nor ever doubt your love for me. I just feel so overwhelmed by these temporary struggles that I lose sight of you’re conquering for all eternity.
At times I feel I have failed you and yet one thing I know is that you’ve never failed me. You’ve always been there; as never leaving nor forsaking me.
This world has rejected and hated me but I have never felt your rejection; always loved, always favored, and always cared for.
If I had it my way I’d be home right now and away from this place but you have a plan and a purpose that I may bring you glory on this Earth. That I might proclaim your name among the nations that the King has come and is returning for His bride.
Please Jesus take me from this place, as you’re the only one who can rescue me.  I’ve had enough and I’m weary of fighting and yet if it be Your will then give me the courage and strength to endure just a little while longer as continuing to live for you here. Until then I’ll have to wait, always looking and waiting for my first love to appear, that moment of first embrace, when finally, I will see you face to face. Love you!

We are always interested in what makes us more popular and attractive to others but do you even consider what God thinks?

Watching the Richard Wumbrand documentary I had wondered if I could of withstood the brutal treatment as a believer and I can only think but by the grace of God would it have been possible. To see the true evil in people is astonishing; to do such horrible things to other people as if beating an animal relentlessly. It just makes all the more sense how Christ died at the hands of such wicked men and why justice must proceed from this life.

We approach the crucifixion in seeing Jesus death as a mere man and yet to be raised from the dead we also recognize His divinity.  So which is it, both.

The question of which came first the chicken or the egg is as elementary as asking if salvation precedes works.

Jesus may be a prototype to many of the superheroes and like them some would reduce Jesus to a fictitious character created by the imagination of men.

Religion produces Overachievers who think their own merit must be added to the saving work of Christ so that the scales will be tipped in their favor, Ephesians 2:8-9.

My house is in order and I’ve got my bags packed. I’m just waiting to be picked up and taken away; never to return again. #beammeupjesus

There are certain controversial groups that are “for Jesus” and I’m thinking how does this have anything to do with the message of the cross.

Righteous isn’t merely about our activities in doing what is right but ultimately, it’s a right affiliation to a Righteous God when we rightly trust in the person and work of Christ, our Righteousness.

I don’t want to live or leave this life without Jesus.

Life like a song has an ending. What is your life song, and does it bring glory to God or something else?

Living for God is the greatest and most fulfilling adventure of my life.

I don’t want to ever be the reason or cause for someone else’s damnation whether it be withholding the gospel or needlessly offending someone.

As Christians we need to detox from the world.

False religion is fools gold.

Just because someone’s life is not true to Jesus doesn’t mean that Jesus isn’t true.

Someone who thinks a Christian is a hypocrite if they sin has got it all wrong. What makes them a hypocrite is if they claim they do not sin.

1 John 1:8-10

If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us.

Have you ever wished you could just close your eyes and wake up on the other side of eternity? #ido

It may be hard for some to grasp that God exists as the greatest conceivable being but even harder to believe that He does not.

God is the theory of everything.#problemsolved

Jesus inside of me.

Don’t mañana Jesus as He may return today.

My how things have changed, from posting a security guard at church to now having them manage the offerings.

A guy cut in front of me in line and it reminded me of what Jesus said about the first being the last. 

Your sins go all the way back to the cross as His righteousness extends all the way to your future.

Maybe when you aren’t catching fish God has another catch in mind for you.

I doubt there will be very many at my funeral as I quietly slip off to heaven to be with my Lord. I don’t need an earthly eulogy just a hug from my Savior and to hear the words well done.

Abortion is just a murderous way to thin the herd.

Some people mistake my passion for Christ as being religious and I suppose I’ve seen their halfhearted Christianity as irreligious.  Nonetheless, Christ will judge us both.

When we close the blinds and not allow others to peer into our lives then how will they ever see the glory of Christ unless of course the glory has already departed and you’re just trying to hide the obvious. #ichabod

At the end of life, death without Christ will finally exclaim to you, “alas you’re mine; I’ve been waiting for you.” 

Pride has no footing, as God is the only one who has given you a leg to stand on.

Where there is true love from God there also its nemesis of hatred. That goes to show you that no matter how loving you are to others there will always be people that will hate you for no good reason at all.    

Sometimes I fear the lies that other people believe about me are actually true.  

Lies spoken about and against me just breaks my heart. Relationships destroyed over such verbal weaponry and hatred. No wonder God takes our words and attitudes so seriously as to judge them.

You can plaster your picture and posts on social media but do you reflect the image and glory of God as recorded in the Book of Life?

I said all I could say; now it’s just a matter of repeating myself.

Some people are like the Notebook; at times they have their senses and other times they do not.

Sometimes atheism isn’t about disbelief in God; rather it’s about hating Him.

If your religion requires you to unjustlykill somebody then your god is the Devil.

It’s not that you have to shed blood in God’s name; rather it’s He who shed His blood for thee.

If I’m gonna have 70,000 thoughts a day then let the majority of them be about Jesus.

The stories of the Bible are way too incredible to believe apart from an amazing God.

Don’t let tomorrow’s issues ruin your day.

When I run out of things to say about the Lord then you might as well bury me.

Religious complacency is being satisfied with religion without regard for truthfulness.

Watching the death clock is a reminder how many people are going into eternity; saved or not.

Worship is takings the sounds of heaven and translating them into earthly praise.

Jesus is more than an outdated prophet; He is the eternal embodiment of the spoken word of God.

We people are funny creatures but some things are not laughable.

I remember when acronyms were used in a prophetic way. 

Man is better in controlling others than himself.

Mankind expects submission from others yet rebels against God for the sake of his own freedoms. 

Be wary of reactionary preaching, as the message may not be based in the Word of God but on personal experience.

Atheism is the drug of choice for a few.

The incarnation is plausible since man was already made in Gods’ image.

The doctrine of man is important as everyone is interested in themselves enough to listen to a message of personal importance while hopefully securing the utmost relevancy in their relationship with God.

It’s a contradiction to refer to meditation as emptying your mind. Rather its definition is about thinking and contemplating ones thoughts. If a religion can’t get the basic meaning of the word right then what else do they have wrong?

Some people are loving only to be loved.

en we justify killing our own then we truly are behaving like mere animals; that is until someone tries it on us then suddenly it becomes inhumane-Abortion.

Have you ever heard someone say jokingly that they were playing the Devils’ advocate? Anyway if you ever hear me say that please wash my mouth out with soap.

It’s a sad thing when you move away from your hometown with all of it memories just to pursue a career.

Physics can’t even fully understand an empty room at a subatomic level let alone a universe that they say is devoid of God.

Sometimes I wish people’s souls could sing as beautifully as their voice.

I can believe that the Devil in you doesn’t like the Jesus in me but what I don’t understand is how Christians can act like the adversary?

Heaven will be like removing the blindfold of our earthly existence as to clearly see Jesus.

Some are enamored with those who follow them on social media but consider God a narcissist when He calls others to love and follow Him. 

Which sin is so gratifying that you would take pleasure in watching Jesus suffer for?

It’s so much better to be possessed by the Holy Spirit than the Devil.

A good day is a God day.

I would not trade some of my experiences for nothing but I wouldn’t want to to relive them either.

It may be easy for you to believe that God mercifully saved Israel by the provision of a sacrifice on behalf of Isaac while denying that He could save the whole world through Yeshua, the Lamb of God.

I’m not sure what’s worse; Judaism skipping over scriptures that speak of Jesus or Christians who overlook the passages that deal with the Holy Spirit.

Let us return to the works of the Holy Spirit and use words when necessary.

The best part of hearing I love you is in knowing that the person loves to be with you.

Religious intoxication is being so drunk on religion that it impairs good judgment.

If you think Heaven is the pot of gold at the end of life then you’ve missed out on the true riches of following Jesus along the way.

Submitting to the Lordship of Jesus isn’t about a dictatorship; He’s king whether you follow Him or not.

Being around an unstable person is like trying to play the stock market.

It could be the Devil in you that doesn’t like the Jesus in me.

I don’t understand someone who is wearing shorts and a jacket.

Man is more than skin and stuffing, as we are moral agents that are capable of rational thought and self-awareness, setting us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom unless you’re just going being a wiener about it. #manmadeingodsimage

I was so tired on my road trip that I thought the sign for Allen Creek said Alien creek.

The spiritual without the Holy Spirit is religion.

You’ve heard it said, “live to ride and I say you better ride safely if you want to live”.

Going through Katy Texas was a somber reminder of my past.

Jesus said that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy and if this describes your religion then you’ve been robbed of having a full life in Christ, John 10:1-18.

Religious intoxication is being so drunk on religion that it impairs good judgment.

Rapture ready; what will your final scene look like?

I pledge my allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven and unto the Lord for which it stands, one church under God, indivisible, with grace and mercy for all.

Openings- Heaven.

Chance does not exist as a creative element.#nochance

Sometimes I walk myself like the dog.

Agnosticism is really a guise for atheism.

Mind over matter subconsciously embraces dualism.

Abortion is just a murderous way to thin the herd.

Sometimes Atheism isn’t about disbelief in God; rather it’s more about hating Him.

One session with Jesus will save you the money of psychotherapy, which can be used towards a ministry in telling others about Christ’s healing power.

People can be so cruel in judging worship styles and yet we serve a God of diversity; in the end let God sort em’ out so that our words and actions are not considered off key.

I’m not sure which is stronger in the battle against sin, lust or pride.

Ignorance might be bliss but not when it comes to Jesus.

I guess some people just follow you to gain followers for themselves.

Fellowshipping with a nominal Christian is like trying to enjoy fruit while eating over the trashcan.

I can give you a bunch of reasons not to follow Jesus but none of ‘em are good.

Your sins go all the way back to the cross as His righteousness extends all the way into your future.

Saw a creek named “hollering woman” and all I could think about is that she must of had a habit of calling her kids home from the creek.

It’s not that you have to shed blood in God’s name rather it’s He who shed His blood for thee.

Joseph Smith and Muhammad are two of the greatest cultic fictional writers of all times in making it real enough for people to believe.

I have faith in humanities disability to sin and greater faith in Christ’s ability to overcome it.


There’s Hell to pay if you’re dead set against Jesus.

People are always damning things in the name of God which may be a prophetic curse upon their own life.

I’m often amazed at people’s knowledge of useless trivia and perplexed by their ignorance of God.

You can’t hide behind the rainbow to avoid God’s judgment, as the next round will be a cleansing fire.

Even a smart person can’t outsmart truth.

I’d rather learn from my problems on the frontend of life rather than the backend and if that means that my back end needs to be disciplined through the God of correction then so be it.

Doing something is more effective than doing nothing when it comes to ministering the gospel – Intentional Evangelism.

There are people who are fascinated with UFOs and the paranormal but despise the possibility of God due to its relational implications.

If sex, money, and earthly power can often be a sign of cultish activities then consider Jesus who had no wife, no place to lay his head, and said His kingdom was not of this world.

If God’s grace and love could not convert you on Earth then how could the judgment of Hell change your mind if Heaven is God’s residence, Hebrews 9:27?

This morning I thought a man was praying over me in a French tongue only to find out it was his native language.

Muslim clerics say the Bible is corrupt yet use it to justify Islam.

Some have entertained demons unaware.

I been by Cheyenne Bottoms hundreds of times but never stopped to view this beauty. Makes me wonder how many of us have overlooked the awesomeness of God in their earthly trek.

I don’t live in West Texas; I am West Texas-El Paso

I grew up in a beer joint where the stench of Hell was the smell of beer, cigarettes, BO, pickled eggs, poor boy sandwiches, and pizza.

I’m not sure what’s more beautiful; the mountains of El Paso or the sunset.

There’s nothing like the smell of a pit toilet on a hot summer day.

I’ve seen enough people that everybody reminds me of someone else I know.

The older I get the more I realize the less I know and the more I’ve forgotten.

I hate it when people say I’m meditating. In other words what they’re telling  me is that I’m going to do some weird things in my mind that will summon demons to distort my thinking instead of praying to God.

Just nerd a new one today. No longer am I just a Jesus freak but I’m also a nerd for Jesus. Better to be a nerd for Jesus than to be outsmarted by the Devil.

When people curse God or Jesus they are singing the praises of Hell.

They bloomed beautifully; giving off their scent having served their purpose and then they died – The Martyr

Sometimes when witnessing you have to take a few detours before making it to your final destination.

Saw an older mans’ t-shirt that said señor and I thought it said senior. I guess both statements are fitting. 

I never thought the two crosses next to the cross of Christ had anything to do with the redemptive narrative and then it dawned on me that they represent two kinds of people; those who receive the mercy of Christ and the others who don’t.

If you’re from a gospel impoverished nation and you come to the US to study the Bible; then great, get your fill, then go back home when you’re finished as this country is already well fed.

If you think your church, your denomination, your affiliation, your fellowship, your congregation, whatever you want to call it; is the only one who’s got it right, then maybe, you’re in a cult.

When you’re in a spiritual battle; call on Calvary.

The most tormenting memory for all eternity will be the voice of the one who pleaded for your soul and the resounding “No” that came from your lips.

Jesus will be back; even the Muslims believe that.

Mountaintop experiences can be a dangerous slope to the Avalancher.

Well God for you.

Most of my vacations were more functional than recreational.

The great omission is when the church becomes self-serving.

Some would reason that it’s no different to enjoy a neighbor’s wife who’s given her fruit willfully than a neighbor’s tree bough that drops fruit into their backyard – #21stcenturyethics

It seems conflicted that David was a man of war; yet greatly loved by the Lord and a model for the coming Messiah who will one day bring justice to the Earth.

Is the secular audience really connecting with a deeper spiritual reality in the Lord of the Rings and Narnia or is it just another Hollywood production that glamorizes the occult?

Some would never claim to be an Atheist even though their actions say otherwise.

If you were a forethought to God then why is He an afterthought to you?

Quote from an honest atheist. “Honestly, I don’t believe in God, and I don’t really want to.” (I believe their last phrase)

If you don’t like Jesus just wait till you meet the Devil.

Some have entertained demons unaware.

There’s something strangely wrong with me when I treat my possessions as family members.

A muscle car with a four-cylinder is about as silly as a person injecting oil in their arm.

If religion is about culture then why aren’t all Americans Christian?

Only a moral monster would call God a moral monster. 

Jesus paid it forward.

The Agnostic has confused ignorance with ignoring God.

The cross isn’t jewelry or a talisman but a symbol of the redemptive work of Christ.

If there is no logical reason for you to reject Jesus then maybe there’s another force at work within you.

Somebody should be in trouble for plagiarism in marketing their water as Eternal when the Holy Spirit is the Living Water springing up to eternal life. Not very original.

God loves you when no one else will and like no one else can.

If we treated our loved ones like we treated God would they feel neglected?

We’ve all heard it said that being a follower of Jesus isn’t just about emotionalism. Agreed, but if you claim to be a believer and have never been stirred by the Holy Spirit then you might want to have someone check your pulse.    

Being nice is a form of hatred when a loving truth remains silent.

Many have paid the consequences for their poor judgements, but no one can afford being wrong about God.

Some women wonder why they keep getting hit on and maybe it’s because they keep baiting the hook.

My wimpy belief system used to be about good luck, nothing more. #luckycharm

When sharing my testimony someone remarked, “Get a Life”, and I’m thinking the same thing about them without the sarcasm of course.

Good stuff is God stuff

I’m sorry but I’m really get tired of people mentioning Jesus and Coffee in the same sentence.

There’s the question of ‘am I’ to which the I Am responds, “You Are.” #ontology

Colorado needs some weed control.  

It’s wishful thinking to claim Christians are deluded by Wish Fulfillment.

Don’t trust in the rainbow as the next round of judgment will be with fire.

If you think your town has a world class steak, then maybe you need to get out of town a little more often.

The greatest feeling in the world, if you can call it that, is to be Born Again.

I’m not apologizing for being a Christian or for spreading the Word of God.

It is a grave danger to equate holiness with great giftings. Such confusion can open the door for deception as falling prey to the enemy.

Science claims to have all the answers; while Jesus is the answer. #stayinyourlanebro

God is faithful, are you?

How could anyone be halfhearted about a God who heals the broken heart. 

You can’t say all religions are right when Jesus said that He is the way (only).  

If God is the greatest conceivable being, then He should be the most important person in your life?

In God’s Kingdom forgiveness is reciprocated in giving and receiving.

If what Jesus said and did doesn’t resonate with you then you don’t have ears to hear and eyes to see. I pray that He heals you as He did me!

Love has everything to do with it as God heals the broken hearted.

God has a wonderful plan for your life which includes denying yourself by taking up the cross to follow Him.

Celebrating Christ isn’t seasonal; it’s every day. #merrychristmas

People, like prisoners, claim their innocence from sin. #notguilty

The Kingdom of God is the stone mountain of Daniel that overcomes every earthly rule.

It’s arrogant not to forgive when you depend on it yourself.

The Bible doesn’t always define itself and sometimes I’m wondering if that’s where we should stop trying to explain things.

If God is the greatest conceivable being, then He should be the most important person in your life.

How can your works refinish what Christ has already finished on the cross?

Quit hoarding Jesus! Share the good news.

Happiest day of my life was saying “Yes” to Jesus and I’ve never been the same since.

Would you follow God if you were convinced He exists?  If no, then the real problem isn’t convincing, it’s committing.

His body was broken and then given to you to be passed on to others. #sharethebreadoflife

It’s no gamble with Jesus but it’s all or nothing.

I’m not a believer in God but a knower of God; and known by Him.

If you’re not for God then you approve the Devil’s message.

A halfhearted Christianity is not the heart of Christianity.

It’s hypocritical that there are over 50 million abortions a year which is largely overlooked but when we’re at risk, we‘d shut down the world and hoard all we can just to protect ourselves.

Love has everything to do with it as God heals the brokenhearted.

It’s no gamble with Jesus but it’s all or nothing.

Forgiveness is revealed by your actions; not your words.

A cult is like the key of the Kingdom in that it has a sense of Keyness and may even fit the lock but in truth it’s not keyed to open the door; it just appears that way.

It’s not right to say that God caused this no more than to say that He didn’t. Either way he allowed it and for what specific reasons only He knows.

But God!

Your treasure is in your browsing history.

One of the most satisfying things in life is to finish well.

If God existed He would alleviate all the suffering in the world. Since you exist what have you done about it except use it as an opportunity to spread unbelief?

It’s arrogant not to forgive when you depend on it yourself.

Cheerleading Chant –  Jesus! Stomp Stomp, Jesus! Stomp Stomp, Jesus! Stomp Stomp

Do people really catch the deeper more spiritual meaning of Lewis and Tolkien’s theatre or is it just another ploy by Hollywood to glamorize the Occult.

A person without sin is about as likely as the Democrats and Republicans getting along. 

You’ll find yourself lost if the compass points to you.  You’re not the Way!

Some will form a god according to their likeness in allowing experience and desire to guide their hands. #godmakers

Muhammad the Man, the Myth, the Fraud.

When God is at work you’ll be at the right place at the right time.

It’s doesn’t matter how perfect you are there’ll  always be those who’ll  give you a thumbs down.

There’s nothing better than to see someone using their God given talent to glorify the Giver.

When it comes to unbelief in God I think the don’t want to part affects the believing part. 

I made some of my biggest blunders by trying to make conversation. Maybe it’s just better to listen to the silence.

Atheism is like a political party as they would never believe the opposition no matter how good the evidence is.

How ironic for people to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day inebriated.

For the first time in my life I carried  a cardboard box like a bomb  # corona virus.

I can understand being a secret believer in China but here in the States, really.

My wife asked me if I wanted to watch Contagion and I told her I’m already living it.

People would rather be entertained and worry less about the nature of the entertainment.

When it comes to worship let us take a lesson from the canine who lovingly greets it’s Master.

If you think the brilliance and glory of America is its music and movies, then clearly, you’ve overlooked its Christian influence.

You’re either following God or running from Him.

I once had someone substitute God and Jesus for Marx in my testimony and then resubmit it to me. And about the only significant thing they have in common is their Jewish ancestry but apart from that there’s no comparison to put such faith in a dead sinful human whose system of socialism failed.

What’s wrathable is when others reject God’s grace and love offered through the death of His perfect Son.

As Christians sometimes we ignore the holiness of God, and yet, not only do we have God dwelling in our midst but He’s also resident in our heart. So how much more seriously shall we treat sin and refrain from being exposed to evil.

There are a couple of extreme exceptions to breaking a marriage covenant; death and infidelity. Now if this applies to human relationships how much more stringent is God’s new covenant promise of salvation secure.

Christ has stretched out His arms for you all day long.

If you’re to love the Lord your God will all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and you’re only giving it 50% then see how well that works out in your other relationships.

Atheism is like a political party as they would never believe the opposition no matter how good the evidence.

Jesus, coming soon

Some have freely lent their offenses to others who in turn may dearly pay for them.

It’s arrogant to think others assessment of you is wrong when you might be the one who’s in error.

To be overly self-conscious is a form of narcissism.  

You can pray, but if it’s God who’s bringing it about then you’re praying amiss. May God’s perfect will be done.

You know you have a slow internet when you go to open the browser to do a speed test and it takes forever.

Yeshua HaMashiach -> Lamb of God -> Lion of Judah is both the Suffering Servant and the King of Kings; who occupies a dichotomy of roles, separated in time, of which Israel has not considered, Revelation 5:5, 17:14.

You know nothing of love until you embrace your enemy; that’s when you know that Jesus is living on the inside of you. After all look what He did for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. So love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.

It’s a real tragedy to go through life and never give God a chance.

Having a need for everyone to like you is a form of narcissism.

It must be a horrible feeling to slowly die and not have your loved ones by your side – Corona.

It’s a shame when I see some people misuse their talent by parading themselves instead of bringing glory to the God who gave them such skill.

Christians are no more credulous than others;  we just happen to believe in the right person is all.

Religion is trying to earn God’s favor while a relationship with Him is being gifted by His favor, Ephesians 2:8-9.   

Even the serpent didn’t crawl so low to have Eve doubt her origin. This evil would latter evolve with man as discrediting God’s image with both extremes as just another animal or perhaps god in the flesh.

If you could take away the sexual component in same sex relationships; could such an attraction survive if sexual intimacy could only be experienced by a member of the opposite sex? Sex is such a powerful urge in fetishes that our very lives are in danger of being destroyed by STD’s, as a precursor to the judgment of God, so don’t tell me that sex and lust isn’t a stronger companion than a same sex attraction.

We poison ourselves with the substances of life (spirits) in giving it very little thought but for the Spirit of God do we even consider the matters of eternal life or death?

The faith of Abraham was to leave his people and ancestral religion to follow God. If God called you to do the same, as with Yeshu, would you be willing? If you’re not then your god has become your ancestry.

I’ve had so called Christians oppose that I share my faith and I’m thinking maybe they’re an apostate, or nominal, or innocently ignorant of the scripture. Anyway, to be a follower of Christ is to declare the Kingdom and by definition we can’t be Christian without preaching Christ.

Being a photographer is like the return of Christ; you must diligently watch and patiently wait for the perfect time when suddenly you get the right shot which you’ve waited your whole life for.

Some people sculpt and mold their art, but I mostly copy and paste mine.

We can easily go from one affair to another which demonstrates that we desire a deeper love that is far greater than the transitory life of human romance.

Showing your house to strangers who have no concern for tracking in your home is like approaching God’s residence without being cleansed of one’s filthy sin.

People are searching for intelligent life in outer space; not expecting it to be God.

How often do you get to see two of your favorite shows back to back? Bonus!

The world can only offer counterfeits to God’s blessings. Why not get the real thing?

I understand serving others and being all things to all people that some might be saved but I draw the line in revoking my God given personality and gift to mankind just to please others who want to control me for not other good reason except for me to bow down to their unfounded and godless expectations. Ain’t happening.

Something ain’t right when there’s South Korean baseball players performing before a stadium of cardboard cutouts with cheerleaders wearing masks – Corona

You’ll continue to go around that mountain until you scale it – Sin

If only we were as diligent to have clean hands and a pure heart, Psalm 24:4

God doesn’t possess power; He is power.

I’ve heard it said it’s ok to be mad at God. In other words, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnibenevolent God is wrong and you’re right.

Some critics are confused in thinking that if it’s mentioned in the Bible then it must be ordered by God. And yet it’s one thing to record the actions and events of others and quite another to sanction them.

The New Covenant brought about a new normality to salvation history. – Jesus death and resurrection

It’s not until we start sinking before we realize that we can’t walk on water and need someone who can.

Redemption is the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good – Jesus.

Some have lips to preach but I have a keyboard to type.

I’m not arrogant enough to think that the inspiration I receive is on the same level as the scripture, in saying, “It is written.”

If you can’t bet your life on it then it’s not worth believing or living for – False Religion

The death and resurrection of Christ – The Main Event

Have you ever considered saying Hi to God? It could be the start of a wonderful (beautiful) relationship.

The television show mentioned that the person(s) were legally blind and my wife thought they said lethally blonde.

It’s no laughing matter to play peekaboo with a holy God as if it’s some kind of child’s game.

Some may question a gratuitous evil for a greater good such as a fawn that may have died in a fire, when it could have ended up becoming a buck that collides with a vehicle or possibly a carrier of Lyme disease. Then on the other hand why was it even born to begin with which may fail to take in account some good purpose by which it had lived up to that moment. There may be a lot of if’s, and’s, and but’s to accommodate the God factor to the mysteries of life, death, pain and suffering. At times these things may make sense while at other times they seem senseless. Anyway, the sinfulness of mankind has affected earth’s balance and the comfort is in knowing that everything in the end will be restored and righted.

The Bread of Life rises

Some see the Kingdom of God as just the cheap costume jewelry of a cross hung around someone’s neck instead of the Pearl of Great Price.

There is a thin veil between life and death, as through the uterine walls, which was intended to protect; not to become a torture chamber as condemning the innocent on the altar of convenience.

I may have strong words but a gentle spirit.

Jesus is an infinitely perfect being; who potentially paid for every sin, once and for all.

One of the acts of true forgiveness is to genuinely pray a blessing over the person who has offended you, Matthew 5:43-48.

It’s a part of life to die. The question is where will you go from there. 

I had a person tell me that there was no God and they didn’t want to read any articles about Atheism on a Christian website because it would be biased, and I kindly replied asking them if it was possible that they were biased about God.  

That is your worship experience, and this is mine.

Purity – I’d rather be tried by fire than judged by it.

I can’t imagine going through life without a higher purpose – Knowing Jesus

Porn is simply looking at one lie after another.

It’s funny how the corona beer would make a humanitarian contribution based on its commodity which people often abuse in creating personal and societal problems.  

Do lawyers really advertise just to help others out of the goodness of their profession or are they like sharks following the blood scent.

I have been charged with loving or liking books more than people and thou I’m fond of reading I don’t think that’s the case; it just appears that way.

Just believing there’s one God doesn’t make you a Believer as even the demons believe and shudder, James 2:19.

I’ve been criticized of my methods when it comes to evangelizing but its more about the message than the method otherwise people are putting their faith in a program or perhaps a person(s).

Retirement for the evangelist is more like unto death do us part.

When you’ve completed your mission the next question should be what’s next.

Most of us understand the sanctity of human life yet some have dehumanized the unborn to the beat of over 50 million murders a year as sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

Will you keep the Messiah waiting?

I once had a lady give me a prophetic message that I would speak strong words and it wasn’t until 20 years later that it finally came to pass – Barbara Wentrouble

The definition of insanity is surfing the movie channels in thinking there will be something good and wholesome to watch.

God has made me a minister to the short attention span

Science can’t neutralize God with its caustic and acidic arguments.

It’s not that there’s just a few bad players in the world. To some degree or another we’ve all rebelled against a holy God. – Pandemic of Sin.

Some blame God for the actions of others.

It’s not always Knowing that brings healing and understanding but trusting in the One who does –  God knows Why

Never overlook anyone for the sake of Christ as that person may bring forth an abundant harvest of souls.

To simply call sin a mistake is a gross distortion to the severity of its action and consequence.   

Cults are like looking for a missing piece of the puzzle in thinking that its been found when in reality it doesn’t fit yet forcing it as if it does.  

It’s not enough to be biblical in our beliefs but also in our behavior – Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy

I once read of a man who for $25 sold his gold mine for liquor. That mine ended up being worth 230 million and like the Kingdom of God true riches are within our reach but some will not strive to seek it out but would rather squander their lives for cheap soulish commodities leaving them spiritually impoverished as ultimately leading to a state of hopeless regret. 

With God the least likely, according to man’s standards, is the more than likely with God.

Its only hypocritical to share your advice when you don’t believe or practice it for yourself.

Some forget that God’s temporal judgment is an act of mercy and a wakeup call as leading to repentance and restoration.

Better to be judged now than for all eternity. Repent and believe!

Contrarily, if you only love God sparingly then how well would that kind of commitment work out for you in other relationships?

Have you ever considered saying Hi to God? It could be the start of a wonderful relationship.

Some groups treat God like a room full of reporters – Fake News

Some may wonder how the Psychic can read their mail and that’s because the Devil is their Postal Carrier.

Don’t be shocked when praying for someone that they don’t show up at your front door.

Don’t be an eternal statistic

The enemy doesn’t get too riled up when you mention God but speak the name of Jesus and watch all Hell break loose.

Idolatry isn’t just some ancient cultic practice rather it’s an ageless rebellion of giving more value to something in lieu of God. 

We are naturally attracted to greatness and yet some would reject a wonderous God.  

It’s All You Lord – Salvation

Ephesians 2:8

You have been saved by God’s love and kindness because you believed. It was not because of anything you did, but it was a gift from God.

No Peace; Know God

Chasing God – Chasing happiness in the world will never bring ultimate satisfaction as only God can fill that void.

Mormonism has fallen for Lucifer’s Sin


Isaiah 14:12-15

“I will ascend to the heavens;

I will raise my throne

above the stars of God; – Lucifer

I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;

I will make myself like the Most High.” – Lucifer


You have to learn how to be Gods yourselves – Joseph Smith

We are created to become gods like unto your father in heaven.- Brigham Young

As man is, God once was; as God is, man may be – Lorenzo Snow

It seems the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, Genesis 3:5.

Save Our Planet – Jesus

Lord I was born a sinful man.

Prayer, break the silence with God

After sharing my testimony with someone they told me to get lost and I replied back that I once was but now I’m found.

I heard someone say that God makes Himself out to be the Hero and I’m thinking, would you rather Him be the Villain?

No God. No way!

Apostasy is like the frog in a slow boiling kettle.

Some may be given a wonderful obituary, a glorious eulogy, a beautiful headstone but all I care about is whether my name is written in the Lambs Book of Life.

Purify – I’d rather be tried by fire than judged by it.

Treasure in Heaven – If you valued the Golden Rule as gold, then truly you’d be rich.

Worship – Let us take a lesson from the canine who lovingly greets it Master.

But God!

Those who see Jesus as a detriment to happiness have never experienced the Joy of the Lord, which is inexpressible, and full of glory, 1 Peter 1:8.

I’ve got Jesus, yes I do, I’ve got Jesus how ‘bout you?

If you don’t like Jesus just wait till you meet the Devil.

Helloween – Some have entertained demons unaware.

When you realize your life is about other people then you’re not far from the Kingdom of God.

Some are angry at God for not hearing them. Yet they do not listen when He speaks.

Some people use Agnosticism as an excuse of ignorance to innocently wash their hands of responsibility.

Jesus – Ready or not here He comes, Luke 12:40.

Christ’s love is on display as the people that were created through Him and to Him would be the very means of His death for them.

Easter Egg on Resurrection Day – One of these things is not like the other. One of these things doesn’t belong.

Some people think of the Holy Spirit as just a force or experience; rather, He’s a person that inhabits and manifests in every Christian. If you’ve haven’t received the power and presence of the Holy Spirit then simply you aren’t Born Again.

The factor of truth is not always in the equation as some simply believe what they want to and then fudge their lives in making it appear to work.

You’ve heard trust is something that’s earned in referring to finite imperfect people not as it applies to an infinitely perfect Being – Trust god

Jesus as an infinitely perfect being has adequately paid for sins, once and for all.

Preach the gospel as if there’s no tomorrow, because for you, there may not be.

You don’t have to file a missing person report for God as He’s left more cumulative evidence for Himself than you’ll ever have for your existence.  Perhaps what’s really missing is your willfulness to really look for and find Him; thou He’s not far from each one of us.  

The Hypocritical Oath is to pledge its criticism against a Christianity that disciplines children while embracing a worldview that thoughtlessly aborts the unborn.

Descartes said I think, therefore I am, but God said I am that I am.

What the world treasures is Fool’s Gold in tricking many a novice into thinking they’ve found something of value that’s virtually worthless as a counterfeit to true riches.

The Holy Spirit is a deposit and like earnest money in some respect.

Somedays you might feel like you’re ready for Heaven but is Heaven ready for you?

Jesus Knockin’ at the Door- Let Him in

Restless heart, Rest in thee, Restless Feet, Till ALL believe.

I have friends in high places.

Understanding the Bible isn’t about reading between the lines.

If you stand too close to the pit you’ll soon find yourself in it.

I think if I had one thing to say to my ex-girlfriend would be that

I’m sorry for interfering with her life as never considering that one day she’d be another man’s wife and another person’s mother.

It’s easy to leave a faith when there was none to begin with.

Blood donor for all types – Jesus

It’s always possible for God to do the impossible. Only believe!

Jesus saves by proxy

Welcome back, Jesus

In giving my testimony I was told to not share my lying stuff and I’m thinking I’d be lying to say otherwise.

The Nihilist Confession

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray to none my soul I’ll keep. If I die before I wake tis only death that I’ll face. Not of judgment will I despair but like a dead beast that’s no longer here.  Dust I am and dust I’ll return as they dump my burial urn and if I’m wrong there’s Hell to pay as there’s no more chance on that day. Moreover, I’ll forego any heavenly bliss and yet in my heart it seems too good to miss. Maybe I should rethink my ways and turn back soon, even today.  As the cost is high and the reward is great, I must act now before it’s too late. Dear Lord, forgive me of my ways that I may live yet another day not to self as if to gain but surrendering all as not in vain.

According to the world’s jury is there enough evidence of Jesus in your life to be convicted – Guilty

Church folk and Jesus folk can be two different folks – Church Visible, Church Invisible

Deception is thinking you’re doing God’s will when in reality it’s the Devils Plan for your life.

You can ‘Have’ the whole World and be a ‘Have-Not’ for all eternity – Got Jesus? Mark 8:36-37

When the trump of the Lord will sound it won’t be as when the people trembled in fear before the mountain of God; rather it will be a rapturous occurrence as being caught up into God’s presence to be with the Lord forevermore – Flying Objects Exodus 19,20,1Thessalonians 4:15-17

My first prayer that I remember praying wasn’t a bed side prayer; rather I was under my bed pleaing with God to save me from parental wrath and lo and behold that day God heard my prayer and delivered me. – True story

If some like you but they don’t like Jesus what’s that telling you?

Sometimes we need to do a little less thinking and a lot more praying.

You can’t exhaust God’s love, mercy, and grace as forgiveness is in His very nature.

Is the instant gratification of the flesh worth an eternity; in exchanging your inheritance for a bowl of worldly pottage? Matthew 16:26.

Going Deeper – The adult version of our prayers should be something more than these childhood mantras – “God is great, God is good” and “Now I lay me down to sleep”.

The Father’s heart shines through to His children.

As a Christian, if you’re not witnessing then you’re missing out on a great adventure.

A change of Heart is taking a heart of stone and making it flesh, Ezekiel 36:26

If God exists, then ALL arguments against miracles become non-existent – Miracles Happen

Come let us reason together, Romans 6:23 23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I am saddened in life as I’m asked to assist with other people’s needs but not sure if their requests are legitimate and what I’m supposed to do about it.

Some think it’s their ministry to fix all the problems in the church and I’m thinking they’re going to be bored when they get to heaven and have nothing more to do.

Joy is more than a feeling as it’s an inner disposition of the soul that’s rightly related to God – Unspeakable Joy

Always leave an inheritance to your children. Whether it’s a legacy, wealth, a memory, etc. Something of value and worth that they can pass on to their children, so on and so forth. Pass it on.

When the final curtain falls what will be your exit.

Jesus will never leave or desert you.

You’ve tried everything else. Why not Jesus?

You can’t pay for something that’s already been purchased (and why would you) – Works

Maybe I need to go back through tailings of my quotes to see if there’s something I missed

Looking for love in all the right places – God and Church

Calling a baby a fetus is just another way of dehumanizing it – Babies Lives Matter

We make judgments every day in Courtrooms and in life as deciding matters that are beyond a reasonable doubt as being more probable than not and yet for some that’s not enough when it comes to believing in God as demanding absolute certainty and yet one day they’ll get their proof but it’ll be too late as they’ll be the one on trial – Judgment Seat of Christ

Everyone has a worldview but more than likely it has you – Deception

Why worry what others think about you when its Gods thoughts that really matter.

Jeremiah 29:1111 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says Yahweh, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.

Highest Love – Jesus

In respect to sin, the ancient observance of Yom Kippur was a one-day warranty whereas Yeshua’s sacrificial death continues to minister in perpetuity as a ‘Once for All’ guarantee.

The hypocrisy of the hippocratic oath – Abortion Doctor

Well done, good and faithful servant – golden buzzer

False associations result from projecting other’s failures onto God.

When you think for yourself regarding the God question are you only thinking of yourself?

Cult leaders are religious narcissists

God can forgive what others would consider unforgivable.

The fact may be you’re in bondage but the truth is that Jesus can set you free.

Anyone can quote but are they living according to their own words.

Who or what is on the throne of your life?

Abortion – When the womb becomes the tomb.

Perfect – Some people want you to be perfect and so I’m thinking what they really need then is Jesus.

Hell on Earth – Don’t insult Hell by comparing it to an earthly existence. On earth, there’s a hopeful anticipation of a Heaven to come whereas in Hell there’s no hope.

In the last days it will be like evil on steroids.

In the occult; evil materializes much like drawing fruit flies to rotten produce.  

Sometimes people respond to my testimony by saying I have no right to share it and so I’m wondering what gives them the right to say that I can’t – Not right

If the world appears to be designed, then why would some think that it’s not. 

Within the context of hazard communication comes the need to share the Gospel, Romans 6:23 – Sin & Death

I used to live for Friday and Saturday night now days it’s more like Sunday morning.

When you publish a personal quote are you living according to your own words?

If science was to change their mind on the age of the earth as being 6000 years old would the old earth creationist be willing to change their opinion?

Church isn’t a pep rally; it’s a celebration of the King.

Just because some people treat miracles as fantastical and unbelievable doesn’t necessarily make them a myth.

Loving Jesus isn’t about loving everything else and giving a small piece of ourselves to Him.

When you’re not bidding; listening to an auctioneer is annoying.

When people make working out look enjoyable, I’m thinking right.

If you’re a living breathing Christian and you’re not sharing the good news, then what are you doing with your life?

Believers should not adjust to the darkness but rather the darkness should react to us as we bring the Light of Jesus into their life, not to blind, but to reveal the truth.

It’s easy to criticize; but to criticize ourselves, especially before God, opens the door for godly sorrow and repentance as welcoming salvation or else self-pity in leading to Hell.

My friend as you gaze upon this graves inscription, know that one day you too will be marked, and of utmost importance will your name be written in the Lambs Book of Life?

We need Jesus to wash our feet daily as we’re always stepping in it.

You can’t be indecisive about Jesus as you’re either for Him or against Him, choose!

What I find both happy and sad in life are those who’ve taken up the cross and others who have left it behind.

Sometimes people respond to God as if He knows nothing about pain and suffering, really – Crucifixion

Some people be like I’m living the dream when in reality they’re in a nightmare.

If your experience of Christianity is faking it then obviously you’re not making it.

I love it when the Holy Spirit interrupts the church service with an important message.

I’ve never heard an unbeliever tell the Devil not to preach to them. After all he’d just be preaching to Hell’s choir.

Better to be preached to now than on Judgment Day.

Two things amaze me. A sinner who repents and the rebellious who reject the grace of God.

Perhaps Freud best understood the phenomena of defense mechanisms in denying God to preserve his own identity. 

I was recently told that my testimony about Jesus was rubbish and all I can say is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The first act of forgiveness is to genuinely pray a blessing over the person who’s offended you.

If Jesus isn’t first then something else is.

It’s prideful to think that we’re not born with the tendency to sin.

When God calls, please pick up!

Jesus on the Bible – I approve this message

If there’s an open door for the gospel then walk through it before it’s closed.

God by definition is GOoD.

When the enemy strikes give ‘em a gospel sandwich.

Some say if God were good and all powerful that He’d completely eliminate all sources of pain, suffering, and evil. So, I’m wondering where would that leave them? I’d say about 6 foot under.

Romans 3:23-2423 for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God; 24 being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus;

The lustful stupor has cost many lives.

Grand Delusion – Believing the world to be an illusion while living as if it’s real.

I believe only in science. Believing in God is for the simple minded. You mean like Bacon, Pascal, Boyle, Newton, Kepler, Pasteur, Joule, Kelvin, and Carver.

You may have fallen off the wagon and all the counselors, psychiatrists, and programs have failed to put you together again but then there’s Jesus, Luke 7:22.    

the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have good news preached to them.

To be fair, just once, I’d like to see the Atheist play God’s advocate. 

How can an intelligent person believe in God? I was wondering the same thing about your atheistic viewpoint.

Some see the universe as having endless possibilities despite overlooking the probability of God, Psalm 19:1-4

Heaven where all are loved.

I concede Jesus is Lord

Just like a bad relationship some people are mad at God due to unrealistic expectations.

One of the greatest apologetics is experiencing the special grace of an answered prayer. 

The Bible isn’t corrupted because it doesn’t square with your beliefs rather the real corruption is with the heart, Jeremiah 17:9.

Prayer is the privilege of being heard.

You have to prime the pump to get at the Living Water – Preach the Gospel

What you ultimately desire really exists – God

What you’ve put on the throne has rule over you.

Let’s keep behavior modification for our pets and allow the Holy Spirit to be the change agent for mankind.

It’s just busy work when we try to do more than the finished work of Christ. 

You’re trippin’ if you’re walking away from Jesus

I heard an inspiring message from a boss who said that he didn’t want to be responsible for any injuries or deaths on the job as having to explain to a loved one what had happened and I’m thinking if only we were as passionate to save souls.

Sometimes we spend too much time in the moment that we fail to contemplate eternity.

Sadly, there are no do-overs in the next life, Hebrews 9:27.

If the gospels were about producing myths, then they did a poor job of it.

Awesome is when all of life suddenly coalesces into a  singularity of thought as having that “Aha” moment of belief in God

False Messiah’s from Israel’s past were only for the Jewish people and not the nations. Yet the biblical Messiah will bring them both together as one. Who has accomplished this? None other than Yeshua, Isaiah 49:6.

Don’t need no big house or fancy car as Jesus is my inheritance- country song gone wrong or right?

Man is a natural at sinning that’s why it takes a supernatural intervention to overcome its nature.

Whether you’re labeled by caste or class, in Christ, there’s liberation and freedom without discrimination. Thus, there’s no need for communistic revolution or karmic evolution as Jesus is the equalizing solution, Galatians 3:28.

I’m not a proponent of the Hindu idea of Maya however in one aspect of the word the predominance of finite naturalism is illusory compared to the greater spiritual reality of eternal life.

You may have resisted the saving force of Christ on earth, but you won’t defeat the power of Hell?

When we struggle in life to find complete satisfaction then surely it speaks of another existence were such possibilities are reality and what we’ve been destined for.

There is a reserved hiddenness with God that some can’t accept.

Something can be true whether we believe it to be true or not.

Nothing better than the smell of fresh ground pepper, coffee, and fried garlic/onions.

You can’t love God and not love the church.

Sometimes God has to speak to us in dreams because it’s the only time that we’re quite enough that He can get our attention.

The Hindus version of the True Self is delusional and mythical as being beyond good and evil. That’s just brainwashing that becomes amoral in searing the conscious to one’s actions. That’s the easy part, until they’re violated, then let’s see how quickly that union with Brahman is broken.

Many can’t reconcile the progressive revelation of Christs role and office as the Suffering Servant as consummating with the title of Prince of Peace.

Eternal Life starts now

There’s an eternity of difference between believing in and believing on Jesus.

Be cautious while scrolling as the enemy is trolling for your soul #donttakethebait

It’s twisted when someone says don’t force your religion on me. 

I was once asked by a woman if I was alone and I told her we’re never alone according to Proverbs 5:20,21

20 For why should you, my son, be captivated with an adulteress?
    Why embrace the bosom of another?
21 For the ways of man are before Yahweh’s eyes.
    He examines all his paths.

To some you’re a misfit but in God’s kingdom you have divine purpose in leading others by the light #letyourlightshinerudolph.

If the Grinch and Scrooge can be converted, then there’s hope for all of us.

Miracles are moments of transcendence breaking through or normality to remind us of the ultimate reality of God and the glory that’s due to His name.

Following Jesus with no regrets

There may have been times you wanted God to take you seriously, but do you take Him seriously?

Having turned to Christ I’ve never looked back.

Living Water – Are you thirsty?

More than a feeling or an experience it’s life transforming – Born Again 

When someone asks you to carry the burden of proof in your truth claims it might be because they don’t have enough good evidence according to their opposing view and they’re hoping that you don’t either.

For someone who says I’m not ready to follow Jesus and then latter comes to believe will only regret that time they lost in not giving their life to Him. Believe me I know.

It’s difficult to have a serious relationship with God if you’re flirting with the Devil.

There are those who have risked it all and lost. So it is with someone who gambles away their whole life without God.

Prepping for Jesus

Jesus can clean where no bar of soap can reach.

A testimony is the adult’s version of show and tell.

God’s brush and my wife’s camera make quite a pair.

I had someone tell me they didn’t want to be brainwashed about Jesus and I’m thinking they’ve already been brainwashed otherwise.

Atheism is the dope of the world as duping others in unbelief.

God graciously stops us in our tracks by putting up warning signs and protective barriers to keep us from becoming a statistic #trainwreck

God’s show is the big screen

Unplug from the world and connect with Jesus #matrix

One precious soul is the same as a million.

Death and Eternity – Checkmate

God is closer than you realize and more willing to reveal Himself than some are to find or discover Him – Just a prayer away

They lived heavenly ever after – Happy Ending 

I was once called a religious maniac and the word mania is related to the Greek word “mainesthai” which can mean inspired and also “menos” for passion so there you have it I’m just passionately inspired – On Fire for the Lord   

Prayer works because God works

Many have made it as far as the church but got cold feet before making it to the altar of God to say “I do” – Runaway Sinner

A Preacher has the liberty to preach but a Teacher must answer questions.

If God be condemned for humanities evil then who would ultimately judge mankind?

When you open the scriptures, you draw in God’s breath – God Inspired

God is > the sum of all things – Old School Math

You’ll know when you have saving faith and so will everyone else whether they want to or not – The Change is Real

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done it’s what He did that matters – Jesus

The Higher Power has a name, and that name is Jesus

Philippians 2:9

Therefore God also highly exalted him, and gave to him the name which is above every name, 

You may claim to know Christ, but does He know you – That is the Question

Matthew 7:21

21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

I saw a sign the other day that said Gold’s amazing power and I was curious to see what they were selling only to realize I read the message wrong – God’s Amazing Power

You can tell the values of a society by the movies they produce.

Saviour’s Motto –  Give me death and I’ll give them liberty.

Leadership 101 – A leader who isn’t first a servant isn’t a leader.

Believer’s PPE – Ephesians 6:11

Have you ever had a moment when you reconciled with someone and it brought such a feeling of relief and delight? Then just imagine what it would be like to experience that with God.

Sometimes God allows a controlled burn in our lives to save us from Hell’s flames.

It’s one thing when someone observes you and asks if you’re a believer yet quite another when you explain you’re a believer to which they reply, “I never knew”. 

If a religion’s paradise sounds like an X-Rated movie then you can bet it’s the Devil’s playground. 

If Atheism were to become the new normal then I’d be content to be abnormal.

Some of y’all need to unfriend the enemy

In love for 34 years – Jesus

The danger of contextualizing the gospel in a pluralistic society is to neutralize the message.

In some places preaching the gospel is as risky as entering a burning house to save souls. 

Whoever got the idea that instruments and dance are enemies of praise when the Bible says otherwise. 

The Bible isn’t about what it means to me rather it’s what it means to God.

Heaven is where dreams come true.

You just can’t make this stuff up -Bible

Some people’s political party is their religion.

If God’s been trying to wake you then quit hitting the snooze button.

God’s picture for your life looks better when you stay in the lines.

It’s for God to know and for you to trust Him.

God prepared a tree in Golgotha’s garden that whomsoever would partake of its fruit would be given Eternal Life. 

Sacrificial love is messy – Cross

Love is as love does – Cross

Now those are some powerful last words – Father Forgive Them

Keeping the main thing; the main thing #crucifixion #resurrection

I never knew you – Easter Bunny

One lost soul is one too many

Some may not necessarily deny the God concept, but their lives are lived as if He’s nonexistent.

Our testimony has explanatory power to the reality of God.

A believers super power is being Spirit filled

When it comes to the word of God leave nothing unchartered.

Just because it sounds too good to be true doesn’t mean that it’s not – Bible

Some surf the Bible for excerpts of truth without diving in to gain a deeper understanding.

 I Am not alone

Have you ever thought you were absolutely right about something only to find out that you were totally wrong? Then consider the possibility of God.

It’s reasonable to think we need a Saviour when time and time again mankind has proven that they can’t save themselves from this present evil age.

The struggle is real but then again so is Jesus

When you carry God’s glory you pollinate other people’s life.

I saw a sign on a semi that said here comes the king and I’m thinking to myself you better move over because there’s another king coming through #jesuskingofkings

Our Cosmos is so precise that it simply doesn’t add up that chance could’ve been a mathematical genius.

This prophetic word of scripture finds no other fulfillment except through Yeshua and the Jewish believers of the early church who were a light to the goyim in spreading the good news of salvation.

I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.”

Church is the house that Christ built. And the Devil can huff and puff all he wants but he can’t destroy God’s workmanship, Mt. 16:18

Hitler was not a Christian as he would never worship a Jewish Messiah.

It’s the same ole lie of the enemy to believe something other than God can truly make you happy or fulfilled #eden

The beauty of a woman is displayed in her devotion to God.

Let the Watchmen declare. The Saviour is coming; The Saviour is coming. 

A crisis can be a means to the end as reaching out to Christ.

Christian like cults have poisoned the well of Living Water.

The reason some hate God is because He’s their competition.

Marrying an unbeliever is like wedding someone who hates your family.

You must first understand God’s righteous judgment before the concept of salvation makes any sense.

Sometimes you have to go around that mountain time and time again until it’s removed or you overcome it.

If God can change me then I know He can change you.

I’ve experienced it all. All that’s left is Heaven.

Prostitution is marrying someone for their money or looks  

Divorce is about as close as a person can come to understanding apostasy

Many claim to be a Christian until it gets biblical

Better to lose face than your soul

Salvation isn’t just about making Heaven it’s about a new life here and now.

Scientists have a greater accountability to their areas of expertise as having a front row seat to God’s theater, Romans 1:18-20

There are no work arounds when it comes to salvation.

Another gospel about Jesus is just another lie of the Devil

Some people don’t follow God simply because they won’t take directions. #lost

Sometimes the first step towards God is confessing, ‘Lord help my unbelief’.

Never Again – Hebrews 9:28

There’s no sense in fighting God as you’re only going to lose anyway. You might as well make up.

It’s all you Lord – 1 Corinthians 1:30-31

We shouldn’t speculate on what the Bible is silent about; it would be better to leave it a mystery than teach a fallacy – Hermeneutics 101

Unlike other religions, a person’s not born into Christianity until they’ve been born from above.

Islam is a religion that revolves around a rock rather than ‘The Rock’ 

It’s cultishly narrow minded to think that the narrow way is ONLY your particular denomination, group, fellowship, movement, etc.

At times the world has taken the better part of me and yet I reserve my soul for Christ

Only God can take something that’s immaterial and create a living being.

It’s just another false narrative to believe Christianity originated as a pagan Roman religion instead of a first century Jewish sect.   

When some challenge religious exclusivism by stating that all religions are true is ironically making an exclusive statement. 

Sometimes the Christian life is like the stock market as having its ups and downs but overall there’s growth

Perhaps it’s easier for God to move a mountain than the will of man to believe

Yeshua, the Prince of Peace, unites Jews and Arabs as they worship side by side. 

Holiness honors God while religious legalism glorifies man.

You’ll never know perfect love until you’ve experienced God’s love.

Sin – There’s a Saviour for that, Isaiah 61:1

God wants your first fruits; not your leftovers.

The death of the Righteous One atones, 1Peter 3:18

Sadly, the only time some people make it to church is at their funeral

Some exploit the Bible to fit a religious ideology.

You may have lived long and wrong but it’s not too late to make things straight, 2 Peter 3:9

Atheistic debates are like a showdown in thinking they have a smoking gun when all I hear is a bunch of slander and random shots that are off target.

Getting away with it in this life makes the case for a future judgment, Hebrews 9:27.

Sometimes you have to soak in God’s word to soften the callousness of the heart.

We don’t have all the details about the Bread of Life, but He’s left us enough crumbs along the way that we can find Him, John 21:25.

The world will marvel at Christ’s return, Revelation 1:7

Is it well with your soul?

Soul Food #Bible

Sometimes you have to make a defense for Apologetics

Jesus sacrificed His life for the benefit of others as taking our place on the battlefield of sin and death as liberating us unto God.

Follow Jesus #fortunecookie

The Holy Spirit is my Spirit guide.

There are some things in our lives that should be kept private but God isn’t one of them.

The world may say you’re out of your mind for being a Christian but that doesn’t mean that you’re wrong

It’s no coincidence that Jesus is the man in your dreams

The deal in death is there’s only two options, Door #1 or Door #2

You don’t try Christianity; it tries you.

When you experience the fiery trials of life; stop, drop, and pray.

Nobody, apart from God and perhaps the heavenly host, has a perfect and complete theology

We all demand justice until we’ve got it coming

Viewing the mechanisms of the universe reveals there’s a Master Mechanic

When you consider the consequences of sin being death; then ALL sin is suicidal.

My wife once said if Jesus is the Messiah, then she’s the Queen of England. Little did she know that one day she’d encounter her King.

One of the greatest apologetics is a godly life

It’s OK to talk behind someone’s back when you’re privately praying for them.

Every believer has a pulpit

You’ll only come up short in life if your temporal happiness is the measure of all things

When somebody tells me that they’re not a perfect Christian, that’s a given, but what I don’t agree with is using this as an excuse to live an immoral life, Romans 6

There’s no sin worth wrecking your life or testimony

When people do evil things in the name of Christianity then that’s on them; not on Christ or His followers.

Sadly, some people are only interested in the Book of Revelation simply because it’s just another mystery; nothing more.

Just because the Bible reports evil doesn’t mean this it sanctions it.

If you’re not willing to die for Jesus, then you’re not ready to live for Him either.

God sees us through the sacrifice of Christ

There are many paths leading up to God as merging in the person and work of Christ.

Just because a behavior is lawful doesn’t mean that it coheres with God’s judiciary

Occasionally dabbling in the Bible doesn’t make a person a believer but a dabbler.

The failure in the church is when we blur the lines between charisma and character.

Beliefs can be so powerful that some are willing to believe a lie as thou it’s true.

Coming to Christ isn’t dipping your toe in the baptismal; it’s being fully immersed. 

Some mistakenly reduce God talk to a singular language and Bible translation.

The instruments of abortion are the tools of the enemy in destroying the image of God

If you’re not going God’s way then turn around and go the other direction.

God Rush

Sometimes an inconvenience is God’s intervention

God is free love #john316

The World is like prison where everyone claims their innocence

Occasionally dabbling in the Bible doesn’t make a person a believer but a Dabbler

If you preach the gospel, they will come – Field of Harvest

If you don’t know how to dance with God, then just follow His lead

I wish people were into Jesus as much as their cell phones

The Gospel is a truth that we’re obligated to share

Be kind and gracious when you come into an eating establishment as they don’t pay those people enough money to listen to all of your complaints.

Naked and afraid is one of the oldest title lines in the Bible even before its debut as a TV show.

My greatest disappointment is after preaching to others that somehow my own family doesn’t get the message

I don’t hate Muslims; I just hate Islam

I don’t think I know anyone personally that’s truly bought into Jesus that’s asked for a refund

Consumerism shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Christianity as the only thing they have in common is they both start with the letter C

There’s always room at the table with Jesus

Some may have taken the long way home, but at least they made it

X was used as the ancient Greek symbol for Christ and therefore the real X-men are Christians

Religious theater is when it’s all just an act

We’re so accustomed to entertaining sin that we’ve lost our sense of conviction, Ephesians 5:8-12

Don’t complain to God about stubbing your toe when He’s tried closing the door that you’ve stuck your foot in.

But won’t be an excuse on Judgment Day- Get off your but!

We must remember in dealing with difficult people that there’s been times we’ve been difficult too.

It’s sad to think that the only time a person has darkened the threshold of a church is when they were carried through its doors.

When you say NO to Jesus you’re saying YES to the Devil – Serve somebody

The ID of Intelligent Design is God

In evangelism you’re doing good just to make some yardage but some people feel like a loser if they can’t score the winning touchdown

If Jesus lives to make intercession for us then surely we can make time for Him

God’s witness isn’t always a person

My attitude about my old life is that I’ve been there, done that, and don’t plan on going back, Acts 26:18 – From Darkness to Light

The bible doesn’t speak against judging except when judging inappropriately – Don’t Judge

One of the greatest lies is that the spiritual gifts died out with the last Apostle – The Gifts Go On

The Bible is one of those books that’s not up for a revision.

People condemn themselves when damning others in the name of God, Matthew 12:36,37

If you’re an Evangelist you’re in the Safety Business

Why don’t you see men wearing Speedos when playing beach volleyball?

Sometimes your boundaries need to have an electric fence around them.

You may have a passion for inanimate objects, but they won’t have passion for you.

The day I quit posting about Jesus will be the day of my earthly departure.

You may identify as a Christian but that doesn’t necessarily determine your status before God, Matthew 7:21-23.

It concerns me when some come to the States for biblical training only to get caught up in the American Dream as neglecting their mission and calling back home.

The God Life is the Good Life

Will your last words be recorded as a glorious departure or a dreaded doom?

Believers, like plants, grow as they move towards the light

When preaching to others, I’m also preaching to myself

If Jesus is on the main line you better listen to what He wants.

Take hold of Jesus

Our lives were designed to be Christocentric as revolving around the Son.

It’s less likely that God is an impersonal force when we are personal beings.

Jesus is my primary care physician

All hands-on deck for the last catch

Black and White – Those who take their inspiration from the scriptures; have no justification for claiming godhood in the life to come, Isaiah 43:10.

On a hill far away is just a part of a song until it becomes up close and personal – Calvary

Awakening- The Final Altar Call, Romans 13:11-14

When the dam of righteousness breaks it brings forth a flood of evil

Some can quote the Movies more so than the Bible.

Crosstalk, 1 Corinthians 1:18

Wisdom cries out to deeply consider your ways before being lowered into the depths of the earth

The world knows when you’re not one of them, John 15:18-25

Salvation in one move, Jesus – Romans 10:13

If you think you can destroy Christianity with a two-minute speech, then you’ve not considered the whole two thousand years of its history

What’s in your heart – Jesus

Sadly, some are unresponsive to the Gospel

A grateful heart is someone who’s always looking for something to be thankful for

The one name that’ll never leave you the same – Jesus

Those of a particular Seminar who’ve taken the name of Christ have less in common with Jesus as more akin to the Adversary – Did God Really Save

If God did not spare the heavenly Angels that rebelled against Him; then it’s probable that Christians can apostate and be damned

Use your genius for the Glory of God

The value of temporal things isn’t worth your eternity

How does coffee and Jesus end up in the same sentence

When Atheists say that their decision against God was unbiased or neutral; remind them they’re not a computer.

Are you ready for eternity?

Say Yes to Yeshua

Some blame God for all the evil in the world but refuse to give Him praise for anything good.

You can’t look towards Jesus while overlooking others

Paul didn’t reason with the philosophers on Mars Hill by first presenting the gospel; rather he made a case prior to declaring the good news.

All of creation speaks the language of God of which the soul readily interprets, Romans 1:20 – There is a God

Just because there are similarities and likenesses among living things doesn’t necessitate a common ancestor but rather a common Inventor.

When you exit your front door may your eyes be opened to whomever or whatever God has in store for you.

Saving yourself is like trying to fix a hole in a boat with a bucket of paint.

Deal with sin before it deals with you

There’s no competition between human persuasion and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes God has to do some deep cleaning in our lives before we can experience freedom – Deliverance

Sometimes you have to first get through the small talk before making it to the big talk – Gospel

In Christianity, believing is knowing

A Christianity that is deemed private is not Christianity 

Jesus is the supernatural remedy for addictions

Does Monday through Saturday correspond with your Sunday activities

If you can capture the imagination, even for a moment, then perhaps it will allow for a divine foot in the door.

Human Love is transient but God’s love is eternal

Christian ministry isn’t about a Title – Servant

False religion is stealing from God

When you get saved the Scriptures just pop

I’ve gone through several phases and fads in my life, but Jesus was never one of them.

Heaven is a place where ALL are liked and loved

Ultimate fulfillment isn’t about what you do or achieve; rather it’s about our relationships, the most important being God.

If we don’t counter the worlds apologetic, then our children and children’s children, may become victim to a godless worldview

Eternal safety is the greatest safety topic ever

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can just play around with demonic forces without it harming you.

We are all fixer-uppers in need of repair

Society has misused the word “Awesome” that it has lost its most significant meaning in God. As when everything is awesome then nothing or no one is.

You’ll never really know how lost you are until you’ve been found in Christ

The Bible isn’t the object of our love; rather it’s the God of His Word – Bibleophile

The Higher Power isn’t like a mathematical abstraction as He has a name, and that name is Jesus

The Gospel really is simple; it’s religion that complicates it

The Bible is a Believers Standard Operating Procedure

Some teachings are inspired from Hell as indoctrinated on Earth

It’s easy to shout Amen in church until the subject matter hits home

The emptiness of the soul is a divine call to be filled with the Holy Spirit

I’m forever yours Jesus

Sadly, I think what unbelief really comes down to at times is that some just don’t like an eternal  parent getting all up in their business – Not My Daddy

Just because there are legendary accounts of creation and flood events in other civilizations

doesn’t necessitate a biblical falsehood, but rather, an original storyline that’s been corrupted by other cultures

Sometimes our prayers seem as if our personal world is about to end until we’re humbled by the prayer request of another.

Before you question God, just remember, that The God of the universe is bigger than your box

We ALL need Jesus and I’ll be the first to admit it

If Jesus died publicly for you then surely you can live publicly for Him

If your idea of being in a relationship with Jesus is just about going to church, then you’re still on your first date. 

One of the most powerful and life changing words that I ever spoke to God was that, “I am wrong.”

As a Christian, don’t be deceived into thinking that you can live at ease in the world; as daily you’re engaged in a spiritual battle whether you want to or not and you best take it seriously as the enemy has no civil rules of engagement and does not weary in waging war against the souls of ALL mankind – Ephesians 6:10-18

Some are like Gremlins when it comes to the light of God, John 3:19-20

Imagine if we were subject matter experts on the Bible like we are on everything else – Bible Literacy

We all referee life but some don’t call it right for Jesus

The outer adornment of a religious costume hides nothing from a holy God who sees the heart.

People, like a Bible cover, come in all different colors but the word of God unites us all

Truth can be emotional, but our emotions don’t determine truth.

If you come on up in here, you better be ready to talk about Jesus – Door Mat

Sadly, we’ve lost Pentecost in our churches

Death without Christ – Checkmate

A relationship with Jesus shouldn’t be complicated unless you’re the complicator

Many people leave an inheritance for others but make no heavenly provision for themselves.

When delivering the good news beware of the dogs, Matthew 7:6

You’re either full of yourself or (filled with the Spirit). miss_asahi/Shutterstock portion is in ()  

If the church doors of America were to permanently close would your church continue to thrive

There’s nothing more fulfilling than escorting souls into the Kingdom of God

The mountaintop can be just as trying as the valley

The Devil has a damnable plan for your life – Hell No

An Amber Alert is an opportunity for prayer

What happens on earth doesn’t stay on earth as it’s judged in heaven

Be the voice crying out into Cyberspace Mark 16:15 – Prepare the way of the Lord

The fire of the Holy Spirit is a pleasing aroma to the Lord

You may complain to God that He doesn’t know what you’re going through and I’m thinking which part of an “All Knowing” God don’t you understand – Omniscient

Narcissistic tendencies is the human condition of sin as expressed by ALL with various levels of expertise.

If you’ve become complacent with the Bible, then perhaps you’ve found all the easy targets; you just have to dig a little deeper to find new treasure.

Sin is like a stray cat. Feed it once and you’re committed.

The enemy will flatter you to your demise

The Holy Spirit is experiencing Heaven on Earth

The purest form of love is ONLY found at its source, 1 John 4:7-21

Not everyone likes Jesus and He was perfect so don’t expect everyone to like you. Just be who God created you to be.

A little bit of Jesus is not enough

Christian belief is more than a feeling; it’s a changed life.

Every Christian home needs a safe room that’s piped with the sounds of Heaven in providing a refuge from the storms of life.

Put on not put up, Ephesians 6:11-18 – Armor of God

You’ve got to do all you can do while you can do it, John 9:4 – Gospel

At 23 it wasn’t about securing Heaven and averting Hell; it was being reconciled to my Heavenly Father – Thank You Jesus

When it comes to unbelief in Jesus; you have the right to be wrong. However, you won’t be judged by your rights but by your wrongs.

John 3:18

18 He who believes in him is not judged. He who doesn’t believe has been judged already,

because he has not believed in the name of the one and only Son of God.

Sikh the Lord Jesus

Who needs enemies if Darkness is your friend – Frenemy

Sinners in the Hands of a Merciful God

The Devil may have you believe that your contract is final but there’s One who’s cancelled every oath, every vow, every curse, and every debt.

Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve is the torment of eternal regret

A misdirected gift or talent is a loss

A stingy person will never understand a giver and vice versa.

Regardless of life, a person who has Christ is a success

Apologetics can benefit both the believer and the unbeliever alike

Faith needs to be so unshakable that when the quakes of life come, you’re able to stand steadfast

The anointing is the difference between a worshipper and a singer

The great omission is a silent witness to the gospel.

When we worship, we adjoin our voices with the heavenly host.

Ironically, one groups martyr is another groups terrorist

What sets Jesus apart from other religious figures is that He’s a friend

Christianity isn’t strictly propositional; it’s also relational and experiential

Jesus is the Shalom of all Shaloms

The next time that you’re out and about just slow down a little and ask God if there’s something that you can do to minister or bless someone.

Sometimes we don’t know enough about our own faith to discern the counterfeit worldviews in our culture.

Some are more concerned about what others will think if they follow Jesus than the eternal consequences if they don’t.

We know that Jesus is on His way

Is there room in your heart – Manger scene

When you look at the complexity of life you really have to be unwilling to see the intelligence of God

Born again is like taking a bath on the inside and the seeing the world through the eyes of a child

I confess, I’m an infidel for Jesus

You’ve got this if Christ has got you – 2022

Somebody asked me how they should plan for this year, and I told them to start with Jesus and end with Jesus

It’s a category error to reduce the severity of sin to that of a mistake or an accident

When it comes to God, asking the hard questions is easy. The difficulty comes when genuinely seeking answers.

One sure thing about mankind is we’re all good at sinning – Guilty, Romans 3:23-24

Don’t be surprised if God uses an unbeliever to teach you how to be a believer

A cult is like a car dealership in making you believe you need a bunch of add-ons in coming to Jesus and then send you out the door in hopes that you’ll refer others that you got a good deal, Ephesians 2:8-9

Are you a flicker or a blaze for God

Other artists can only imitate God’s palette

Isn’t there enough drama in our lives that we have to be entertained by it, Philippians 4:8

If mankind were the measure of all things then perhaps righteousness could be justified by comparing ourselves with each other, but when measured against a Holy God there’s no comparison.

Man should not live by bread alone, or anything else for that matter, apart from God’s word.

Humanity often feels as if life owes them happiness and enslave God as indebted towards this end. Yet far above all of that, He freely provides eternal joy of which some are ungrateful as unwilling to receive.

The right price is priceless, 1 Peter 1:18-19

I know it’s a bit cliché but in 2022 let’s do what Jesus would do, Matthew 16:24-26

A relationship with God isn’t like throwing horseshoes where you get points for how close you come to making a ringer, Matthew 19:16-30

Teach your child about Jesus before someone else does, Proverbs 22:6

There’s a false sense of security in thinking that you can skip or skimp on Jesus and that everything will work out with God in the end, Romans 6:23

Sometimes when you go with the flow this is where you end up (Sewer), Romans 12:2

In a relationship with Jesus – July 1987

I don’t know about you but when (Billy) Graham spoke it penetrated to the very heart of my soul as though everything was laid bare before a Holy God

If you’re a believer in good luck just remember it can go bad. Put your faith in Jesus!

Jesus is more than a prophet; He is Lord

There is a God and it’s not you

If demons are cast out by the Spirit of God, and not the other way around, then what’s that telling you, Acts 10:38

There’s One who knows the trouble you’ve seen

A life without God is like trying to match up something that doesn’t fit.

The harvest is truly marvelous considering God uses imperfect tools to bring forth souls into His Kingdom.

The aesthetics of life should leave us longing for something more, something ultimate, something eternal, as leading us to that Someone of ALL these somethings.

As the world is entertained by the games let us remember those who’ve been wrongfully imprisoned as competing for their lives, Hebrews 13:3

Ministering is the most challenging yet rewarding aspect of church life

One of my biggest fears of a moral failure isn’t so much my reputation but the Lords, Romans 2:24

You know you’ve truly found yourself when you realize that you were lost apart from God.  

Supersize your love for God

There’s been a lot of times in life when I didn’t get it right but I’m thankful there’s One who can make it right. Thank You Jesus! Right On! Right On! Right On!

It’s not good for Christians to be alone.

Some want to blame God for inheriting a sin nature as being born under Adam’s disobedience while rejecting the inheritance of righteousness through Christ’s obedience resulting in new life.

Heaven is the homecoming of ALL Homecomings

Let the Sonshine, Let the Sonshine in, The Sonshine in 

Better to drive them to church than home from the bar

I wasn’t born to sing but I was born to worship

I’ve got to clean up my life. (The Lord) That’s my job, Titus 3:5

(Preacher) Between y’all and me we ought to make one good minister.

It’s a bird; it’s a plane. No, it’s the Son of Man – Revelation 1:7

The irony of the cross is that some see it as a defeat rather than a Victory

It all works until it doesn’t, 1 Timothy 6:6-10

Some underestimate the evil of humanity and the goodness of God

When you love others, you’re loving God who’s image they’re created in

Man needs help to make it through life and so God provided a wife, a Savior, and the Holy Spirit and if that’s not enough then I don’t know what is.

Perhaps the reason we aren’t ultimately satisfied with materialism is because we’re more than a body as having a soul that yearns for the transcendence of a greater spiritual reality  

The Bible contains too many embarrassments to be contrived

We must look beyond mere appearances as reflecting deeply on our souls in seeing ourselves as God sees us

We’re not promised this life; only the life to come.

When some say they don’t believe what they’re really saying is they don’t want to believe

If your life was like a movie trailer, would it include God in the script?

The Holy Spirit has a way of stopping and turning you around to get you back on track #recalculating

The good news is the best news of all, Isaiah 61:1

My testimony is that I was looking to the world to give me something that only Christ could provide.

The Holy Spirit has the life changing transformative power of God that brings a person into conformity to God’s image and will.

Some may say that they’ve already heard the gospel but you really don’t hear it, until you hear it, Romans 10:17

We need to get out of the scriptures what God has put into them, 2 Timothy 2:15.

Forgive us Lord for desiring charismatic preaching and church programs apart from the Gifts of the Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit moves the supernatural comes naturally

In Yeshua, the fate of eternal life has been sealed as He died once for all, Hebrews 7:22-28 #yomkippur

The greatest apologetic is the witness of the Holy Spirit, John 16:8

Knowing Jesus is like having a smile on the inside

Is your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, Revelation 21:22-27

Some may overestimate their moral aptitude until they realize that God is the one grading the test, Romans 3:23-24

Yeshua is the light of eternal life

It’s not so much how many times you’ve read the Bible rather it’s how many times it’s read you

Jesus is the reason for all seasons

The more you love Jesus; the more you love people.

What will you say when asked about the life that the Master gave you, Rev 20:11-15

The Bible is God’s message board

If you’re still wondering; God wrote the book of love

God’s tempering has a way of strengthening your life

Faith is a tenacious response to God’s faithfulness

I was asked why all the God talk, and comparatively speaking, most everything else I have to say is just chatter.

Jesus was rejected by man so that man would be accepted by God, Isaiah 53:3-5

Know Jesus or No Jesus there’s no in between, Matthew 12:30

In prayer, God doesn’t necessarily want to hear your words but your heart

Some think that they must bear their burdens like it’s their cross to carry and yet Jesus said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

How prophetic that the lamb of God was to be laid in a manger that was attended by shepherds

Experiencing personal revival is like being born again, again.

Some would rather worship those who play ball than the God of the universe who created the world.

Strong preaching is like a deep tissue massage that’s painfully good

I had someone tell me the other day that they were half Christian, and I was just randomly thinking is that like being half pregnant.

Ho Ho Ho Has to go

It’s better to be faulted for having a bleeding heart than no heart at all

Grandchildren are one of the best long-term investments that you can make

In a moment, Jesus can loosen a lifetime of knots and entanglements

Everywhere that Jesus goes the sheep are sure to follow.

Going to church and being the church are two different things.

One good thing about reaching a certain age is that you’re always two weeks away from retirement and better yet, Jesus is just around the corner.

What good is your light if it doesn’t shine in the darkness

Death, thou tragic, can be redemptive when turning to God as a result of considering one’s own mortality and its eternal consequences.

Jesus isn’t some white western gentile God. He’s the Lord of ALL the earth, Daniel 7:13-14

As Christians, sometimes we’ve become so accustomed to the light that we have difficulty seeing others who are in the darkness

In a dream two men mockingly asked me what kind of gospel I preached and I was like the one that keeps people out of hell and in to heaven.

These days breaking news is more like broken news.

I saw a tattoo of Jesus on someone’s calf, and it left me wondering if He was in their heart.

The best explanation for the cosmos is the Big God Theory

Do as I say and do, John 13:34-35

How you treat other believers is how you treat Jesus, Matthew 25:31-46

I know I’ve said a lot, but I said all of that to say this. Yes, Jesus loves you.

I wish the older me could of spoken to the younger me and that the younger me would’ve listened and then maybe there wouldn’t be so much wishful thinking.

Finding a way to connect with other believers because you can leave church full of the word and empty on fellowship.

If you can’t find no satisfaction, then you haven’t tried Jesus.

Many believe the Bible is true but live as if it isn’t truth.

We are invited to taste and see that the Lord is good, but many aren’t even willing to come to the table, Psalm 34:8

Always be willing to show mercy because you may have been that person living on the street.

Imagining there’s no heaven or hell doesn’t make them any less real.

You can always tell when you’re living in unforgiveness towards someone because you’re always one moment away from unloading on them, Matthew 6:14-15

Faith is the currency of God’s Kingdom.

It’s a lonely life when it’s all about you, 2 Timothy 3:1-2

I had my come to Jesus moment when I was 23 years old and so don’t tell me my reason was that I feared death because at 23 I still thought I was somewhat invincible.

A person is a moral relativist until they become wronged

The people that are demanding more evidence to believe in God are really looking for more excuses not to believe in God, Romans 1:18-20

O’ Lord it’s easy to be humbled when you’re imperfect in many ways, Hebrews 4:16

Growing up my family settled trivial disputes by referencing the encyclopedia Britannica and I sure wished we’d of prayerfully consulted the Bible in arbitrating our family issues. 

A ‘No Decision’ for Jesus is still a ‘No’ decision. As you’re either for Him or against Him, Matthew 12:30

Lord, please push reset, Romans 8:18-25

Jesus for Jews. Now that would make a great t-shirt.

Here’s Jesus, Matthew 24:30

Marriage can be a roller coaster ride and it corresponds to the infamous words of an unnamed person at six flags who was sincerely calling on the name of the Lord to save them in their moment of distress. Help me Jesus, Help me Jesus, Help me Jesus.

Religion shows no mercy in giving you a long list of laundry items, Titus 3:5

The things that families don’t want to talk and pray about are the very things that can destroy them from within, Matthew 12:25

The only biblical education that some people received was vacation bible school, but if you’re wanting to graduate, you’re going to have to advance to the master’s class.

I hear people say that I’m a born again Christian and I’m thinking what other kinds of Christians are there, John 3:3.

Revival coming to a church near you

Jesus has left the tomb, Matthew 28:6

Revival the new normal

Have you ever read a particular scripture repeatedly thinking that you understood it and then suddenly and unexpectantly it hits you like you’ve never read it before.

Most of us will never fill a pulpit nevertheless we still have a message to preach that goes beyond the walls of the church house.

From the jailhouse to the church house. God can transform what the legal system couldn’t reform. 

Wealthier than most in Christ will I boast as He is my source of gain. For though I have lost what others treasure in life it’s the true riches of heaven which remain.

Salvation is free not cheap, Romans 5:15-18

God loved us while we were yet His enemies. How many of your enemies ever loved you to death, Romans 5:6-10

On this day in history or thereabouts #crucifixion #resurrection

The God of Light overcomes the darkness

Don’t wait for revival to break out. Let it start with you

Some will seek the miracles of God without seeking the God of miracles, John 6:26-27  

Jesus didn’t die for you publicly so that you can live for him privately, Mt. 5:13-16

Religion will have you running in circles while getting you nowhere, Mt. 11:28-29

Ultimately, there’s only one thing or person between you and God and that’s yourself.

The one world order will be a return to Babel.

Alright, where’d he go, Luke 15:1-7? #lostsheep

I was asked what day are we to worship and I’m like that’s every day.

When you take care of God’s business, He’ll take care of your business, Mt. 6:33

These are the days my friend #antichrist #falseprophet

In a world of artificials, Jesus is the real deal

What’s in your closet, Proverbs 28:13

The deal is going up #rapture

Jesus love is all you need

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