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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

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Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Kofuku no Kagaku otherwise known as the science of happiness, which is anything but scientific in respect to empirical evidence, is yet another one of Japanese many new cults known as shin shin shukyo and was founded by Ryuho Okawa who is said to be the incarnation or the embodiment of the supreme grand spirit of El Cantare.  Master Okawa role is that of a Spiritist who practices the dark occultic art of channeling the spirits of Muhammad, Christ,  Buddha and Confucius. However there are so many of these gurus and spiritual teachers who have made such elated claims to greatness as being the epicenter of truth and enlightenment and yet obviously they can’t all be right.

Not only that but it becomes egotistical as to think he can succeed in uniting all of humanity when  these other famous spiritual leaders have failed at their mission.

Also some of the controversy that revolves around this movement is its conspiracy theory which supports its apocolyptical plot with a doomsday prophecy with such claims as North Korea and China plotting to invade and colonize Japan after first subduing it through nuclear warfare. This isn’t too hard to imagine as a possible scenario but as far as being a real or lasting threat I think this kind of leveraged paranoia is unfounded especially as the global community has taken an interest as being vested in Japan which upholds its autonomy in the enterprise of a free market.

Anyway the basic teaching of this group revolves around the exploration of the mind which I believe it is more accurately defined as being the exploitation of the mind. This group carries a self-help motif which essentially doesn’t need a religious platform to convey its essential message except perhaps to exercise some kind of transcendent authority over the practitioneer. It communicates an overrated message of promoting a feel good sense of emotional prosperity with a message of happiness as to positively influence others and oneself. In essence it sounds good but are they able to deliver the goods in competition with all of the other claims of these of shinshukyo movements in Japan who are stating similar things.

Anyway this group is predominantly associated with Buddhism in its identity but distorts some of its cardinal teachings. It borrows such common phraseology or vocabulary as the three treasures, the dharma, sangha, mentioning concepts of reflection and the Right Mind. Some discrepancies between this group and orthodox Buddhism is that the latter teaches about reaching a state of Nirvana rather than looking towards some apocalyptical age with a utopian outcome as related to some form of spacial time dimension as obtaining a pristine earthbound reality. Within Buddhism life in the here and now takes on the dimension of focusing more on snuffing out desire and craving which only results in more attachment and  more suffering as prolonging the cycle of reincarnation and rebirth. Yet it appears that this group seems to emphasize more on their attachment as selfishly achieving the sensual pleasure of happiness in the here and now and avoids such Stoic and fatalistic negativity which is often associated with Buddhism especially as it relates to any sort of karmic consequences or retribution.

It conveniently uses the symbolical and numerical value of four yet it swerves away from any association with the fundamental teachings of Buddha as outlined in the Four Noble Truths as related to suffering. Moreover traditional Buddhism is atheistic or agnostic at best and yet IRH identifies with a deity type of figure that has a particular name and form such as El Cantare. Thus when taking in account these various discrepancies whether it be deliberate or just minor distinctions or subtleties  it carries with it a skepticism in believing that Okawa’s calling or appointment really came from Shakyamuni or the Buddha.

Conclusively it appears that the thrust of this movement is more about popularity than truth as its carries a familiar and acceptable theme but avoids the pitfall of the shortcomings of classical Buddhism making it a pick and choose form of religion in distorting Buddhism to form its own new branch of Buddhist identity. Therefore it is not about restoring the original path but rather it is about making new inroads to spirituality which is more conducive or acceptable to this contemporary age of a modernistic society. I must say at this point I am not defending Buddhism per se but I believe that there are some irreconcilable differences which are incompatible as establishing any kind of marital relationship between these diversified groups.

Another aspect of belief is that Happy Science carries the idea of a pluralistic world view as stating that all paths or religions originate from one source and it is implied that this fringe group is the elect or chosen who possess the key to unlock this receptacle of truth which contains the mystery of that original message. It has somehow bypassed  the science of anthropology  to discover through mysticism the universal message for humanity. Personally I don’t think it takes much creativity to realize the quintessential truth that love is a common human need that surpasses all cultural boundaries both presently and in the past as being crucial or critical towards human fulfillment.

Anyway other philosophical problems in respect to happiness would call to question the legitimate expression to the emotion of mourning especially in the light of human tragedy. It also fails to take in an account the seriousness or need for situations that put others at risk in respect to the immediate and posing danger of life and health as ignoring  a need to be proactive towards the preservation as upholding to the sanctity of human life. Moreover this requires and demands a righteous call to action through the just use of arms so as to protect the welfare of other people’s happiness and prosperity. Thus to not act accordingly is to reject the values of love and compassion and contribute to their victimization. It will take a more powerful remedy than the sincerity of a few good men in showing people the way through the mere human effort of  love and peace which is unattainable  as failing to combat the evil and hostility of a largely immoral and uncivilized world.

Also if the success and survival of this movement depends upon this concept as being the original message and answer to societal problems then how can you be reassured that it will not eventually be lost again? After all these peacemaking efforts may fail to convince the masses as many have adopted the saying of might equals right thus the danger is that the message, even if it were true, does not necessitate that everyone  will  listen or act. After all what is the evidence of this progression today considering this is the bloodiest century to date and who’s to say anything will change after some unprecedented event in time with some kind of apocalyptic fallout especially since there has already been a wakeup call with two major world wars and the formation of the United Nations which still has left the world without resolve and skeptical to achieving this mission or plight as having good faith in mankind. Even if there were some degree of success in propagating this message of hope there would   still be those who support such contrary values as being an adversary and who would use the necessary power to defend themselves against such differences by attempting to exterminate those who are considered weak and who offer to them no resistance. This can be seen in certain parts of the world where Islam bears the sword of Allah as displacing all other groups and is adamant about world domination. So to reap what you sow will never work from merely a worldly effort and outcome.

Furthermore by thinking that mankind will pull together as reciprocating altruistic values towards one another is to give too much credit to the limitations of human morality and though we have the greatest potential and responsibility as being moral creatures we have not evolved as mankind has performed horrific acts of violence which are not even repeated at times within the animal world. Moreover it doesn’t even take a mass of people to accomplish these genocidal tendencies as it takes just a few determined tyrants and potentates such as Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, etc. thus this  whole idea becomes an unreachable goal to the human endeavor as it is one thing to claim yet quite another to achieve.

Also it is impossible to reconcile  a universal or global definition of happiness which is only subjective to the next person and for someone to standardized this is would be contrary to human experience and perception making it a relative term as some people may find happiness as bringing about various forms of hatred on the earth.

Favorably speaking I would like to say that I agree with  some of the positive values of this group which defines mankind as bearing some attributes of God’s image in a limited way by upholding a semblance of humane and civilized moral attributes yet where I differ is on how and by whom this whole matter takes place. Again though it is in some regards a respectable position nonetheless I believe it is highly unlikely based on the annuls of human history to achieve such a goal. This group may rightly discern the destructive properties for our society and touch the heart strings as yearning for a better tomorrow but where it fails is by thinking that those who are the problem are at the same time the solution which simply does not add up or make sense with this Jeckle and Hyde formulation. To be both the injurer and healer is an illogical fallacy as mankind is self-mutilating being.

Lastly in all honesty are objectively convinced that you are really achieving what you are striving for or are you still faced with the daily reality of pain, suffering and disappointmen? You might already be asking yourself as a member where is the evidence of this don’t worry be happy kind of world and apart from a song is your movement really advancing the cause or is it backsliding in its efforts to convert and captivate others to their way of thinking which is what has already happened in its failure to have success in several nations. If it is not happening today is there any good evidence that it has ever happened or will happen again? In summary I just find the claims of this group to be troubling and problematic as being  too good to be true.

 However the Christian world view is able to relieve the tension of this evil dilemma as God becomes the main change agent who sovereignly removes human rebellion either through the regeneration of the human life or by the removal  of dissenters from their earthily existence to an eternal outcome by means of His righteousness and just wrath.  Though God has not brought about his righteous judgment to the earth yet nonetheless justice delayed is not justice denied. Rather it is His heart’s desire that no one should  perish apart from Him and He is patient waiting for others to come into having a change of heart about Him. Biblically speaking it will take divine intervention as to remove the enemies of God which stand in the way of His everlasting rule and reign of peace which will be ultimately  realized and  consummated at the end of the age when these ideals will be perfectly realized.

In closing Jesus didn’t avoid or deny the present reality of moral wickedness and spoke of his immanent coming and a millennial reign in which the bible describes as the lamb laying down with the lion and the people refashioning  or redesigning  their instruments of mass destruction into implements for the sustenance of human life. This is of course is being partly fulfilled today and is apparent as God changes and transforms the hearts and lives of individuals as conveying His truth to humanity. This new creation so to speak was not brought about by human hands as through the efforts and merits of others but rather it was His own power that accomplished this by creating a new creation which represents the divine nature of God himself and this is my testimony and that of millions of others.

Jesus promoted the ancient golden rule to the love the Lord and your neighbor as yourself and this commandment  has been extended today through His church as representing His kingdom on earth which not only serves God but also who helps mankind as originating organizations such as orphanages and hospitals that have had a worldwide impact of whom even our enemies has been the beneficiaries of in respect to the development of these humanitarian aids and practical helps.

As the believers of Kofuku no Kagaku are anticipating a restoration so also the bible plainly confirms this longing along with that of the created order of life. Until then we can serve as a microcosm of the coming age in which all things will be fulfilled in their entirety according to Gods time and purpose. Until then we eagerly await his coming as we occupy with God’s help to bring about a little bit of heaven here on earth.

In closing Jesus said I give you peace but not as the world gives and irrespective of life’s often difficult and conflicting circumstances a person is still able to experience a joy that is unspeakable and full of glory.

Finally I pray that the Son of God will dawn by arising in your hearts in removing the clouds of darkness which has  overshadowed your soul by comprehending  the light of His truth.  May God bless you my friend.

Jesus said: 

Mt 11:28-30

28 Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.




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