God’s Providence

The other day I went to get my haircut and the lady asked me what my name was and I told her it was Rob, at which point she said, “Thank you Jesus.” I was shocked, as I didn’t know what she meant by that.  Then she told me her brother’s name is Rob and so I mentioned that my real name is Robin and that was also her brother’s real name whom she had been desperately trying to get ahold of. At one time she called him Robin Edward, which is his middle name, and so I told her my last name is Edwards and then that’s when she lost it in realizing that God had heard her prayers. 

So what are the chances of this happening especially as I told her my real name which I hardly ever do and she also mentioned her brother’s middle name which is a rarity but the combination of the two along with the timing were the binding factors in it being more than a mere coincidence but was the providence of God directing the details of everyday life as caring for our hurts, pains, and needs.  Thank you Jesus! 

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