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When considering the historicity of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, He is the most influential Jew who has ever lived. His dominion has encompassed the globe in making a difference in the hearts and lives of millions of people. The Hebrew passage in Isaiah 49:6 gives an overview of the Messiah’s impact as bringing salvation to the whole world as including both Jew and Gentile. This scripture has been fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus apart from any other Messianic hopeful who has temporarily assumed this title. Jesus is the only contender and rightful heir to the scepter of God’s kingdom which is amazing considering that a predominate Gentile world has acknowledged the rule and reign of a Jewish Messiah apart from any Gentile aspirant. There are other premises which also support the case for Jesus as being the Jewish Messiah and they can be researched in the following links.

Isaiah 53:6
6 All of us like sheep have gone astray,
Each of us has turned to his own way;
But the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all
 to fall on Him.

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Isaiah 53

53 ישעה-Hebrew

Исаия 53-Russian

Ésaïe 53-French

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How to know God (Other Languages)


איך לקיים מערכת יחסים עם האלוהים-Hebrew

Как иметь отношения с Богом-Russian

Atheist /Agnostic/ Non-Theist

Jewish Beliefs

Croyances Juives-French

אמונות יהודיות-Hebrew

еврейские Убеждения-Russian

Jewish testimonies about Jesus

Dr. Michael Brown in answering Jewish objections to Jesus

“Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.”

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  1. Angela Day says:

    Hi, as a christian, & born-again.
    The Holy sscriptures, tell us, we know not the day nor the hour, not even our precious messaiah, our Lord & saviour Jesus, but, our Heavenly Father, who ministers, now in the Most Holy Place, The Holy Of Holies.
    We, need to be ready day by day, hour by hour miinute by minute, repentive of our sin, even as being born of His Spirit, & of the water

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