Visions and Dreams of Jesus, Isa, Esa, Yeshu, Yeshua

Hello, I was asked by a friend of mine in a Muslim country if I would share with them about the people whom I know that have had a dream or vision of Jesus. To begin with  I had a dream of God when I was a small child and I couldn’t have fabricated this dream as He appeared to me in a bright light which is consistent with the biblical description of God’s glory which was unbeknownst to me at the time. It left such a deep impression on me that I still remember it today and even though He did not say anything to me it was the  brilliance of His presence which communicated to me that He was worthy of worship and therefore I prostrated myself before Him.

Also I have a couple of Jewish friends who had personal experiences with Jesus. One lady was a good friend of mine and she was very resistant to Christianity as she considered all religions valid.  She never took me seriously and at one point she even made the comment that her dad was good at debating Christians and that was the end of the conversation.  However right before she died she was in the hospital and claimed that she had several visitations from Jesus.  Now for a Jew to admit to having a close encounter with Jesus is a remarkable and miraculous event which I believe deeply changed her perception about Him as the Messiah.

Another story is from a South African Jew who is now one of my pastors at the church that I attend. He too rejected the idea of Jesus as being the Messiah nonetheless he had several midday visions of Him during his visit to Jerusalem. He has now written a book about his experience which is called “My Jerusalem Encounter.”

Finally some of the most interesting and surprising stories or testimonies have come from my Muslim friends who not only revere Jesus as a prophet but who have come to put their faith in Him as Lord.

The first time I had spoken to somebody like this was after I noticed a Middle Eastern gentleman at an international church function in whom I latter bumped into at a grocery store. I confronted this Iranian man on how he became a believer and he said that he had a vision or dream of Jesus.

Another man I know is a Palestinian friend that I met while in Israel and he said that even though he came from a Muslim background he somehow became a believer in Jesus. Latter he would be locked up in a prison for his faith and it was at that point that Jesus appeared to him and illuminated the entire cell.

Other people I have visited with would include a lady from Pakistan who said that as a young girl Jesus appeared to her in a dream and offered her a drink of water and it was at this point that I explained to her that according to the biblical text that Jesus is the living water who gives life.

Another lady who is Iranian sent me an email and said that upon finishing her morning prayers that she went back to bed only to be awakened as a green light filled the room with a man’s voice telling her “Stand up! Hi I am Maseeh (Messiah)” In response she claimed that she was too afraid to get out of bed and remained under the sheets because she had not donned her Hijab or personal covering.

In closing I have forgotten some of the details of all these stories and I wished I had recorded them at the time but nonetheless I am hearing more and more about these encounters which are real and life changing to such a point that these men and women were willing to be ostracized by their families and society which could even mean death for some of them. People don’t risk their lives for nothing and I believe that for either of these two groups to have had such a powerful and dynamic impact which didn’t come by the greatest personages of their ethnic faith, namely Moses and Muhammad, was a wakeup call for them to rethink the person and work of Jesus in challenging what they have been taught or instructed to believe about Him. Perhaps you question the validity of these reports but I simply request that you ask God or Jesus to make Himself  known to you in such a personal way so that you can believe and trust in Him as Lord and Savior.

Lastly I watched a couple of videos on the 700 club which talked about some of these Muslims who are coming to faith.


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    I just sent off all of my Telugu work just a couple of days ago but if I consider doing more I will let you know. So how much do you charge? Thanks!

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    Articles are awesomely awesome and highly enriching. I urgently need materials as teaching aids for my Sunday school. Praying for you.

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    I saw Yeshua in a dream. To me it was real. He illuminated light and love. His face was illuminating light and could not be seen. He telepathically told me. I AM AUTHORITY. suddenly I was pushed down a tunnel and thrusted into my body when I sprung up in bed. Never to be forgotten, but told to anyone I meet, as an overflowing cup of water.

  6. Thanks for sharing your testimony!

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