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Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

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Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Yarsan or Ahl-e Haqq/Ahl-i Haqq  is a syncretic mystical religion founded by Sultan Sahak in Iran. This movement holds to certain common views as found in Yazidism along with aspects of  Shi’ah extremism and Sufi rites as well as the pre-Islamic influence of Zoroastrianism. I have previously written about some of these groups at



Much of what makes up the Yarsani’s belief system is based on cultural  legends and folklore such as their creation myth which falsely promotes racism such as stating that the ultimate purification or illumination was limited to those who in the initial creation were destined to be good and were made of yellow clay while those destined to be evil were made of black clay. This reminds me of Mormonism which teaches that blacks were condemned as taking the mark of Cain in their bodies. This superficiality of skin color and the diversity of culture is neither a curse nor a privilege and it is a contradiction to their worldview of egalitarianism which is further  conflicted as this kind of elitism in being a chosen race or elect society was strictly held by the Kurds up until the 20th century and only then did it allow membership to those who were attached by intermarriage which still makes me wonder what is the status of a black skinned person who has married within this group.

Another controversial mater is their belief in metempsychosis better known as transmigration of the soul as a person reemerges after death which is also recognized among the Eastern Indian religions and thus sets it apart from Islam. This principle of ascending successive lives for the promise of purification and perfection is said to take place after 1001 incarnations as receiving their final reward according to their actions which is similar to karma. To begin with I think some of the problems with this view is not knowing where you are at in the process and how to measure if you are really progressing instead of regressing with every successive life or even being cognizant of ones advancement in their current state of existence. Furthermore if the Yarsanis are basically a relatively small, closed and isolated society then how can a person receive the enlightenment of such knowledge for ultimate truth with its salvific benefits if an individual is never incarnated as a Kurdish believer?  Moreover what is the purpose of the mystical number of 1001 instead of 1000 or 1002? I think it is even questionable that the human race has even been around for 1001 lifetimes which also gets into the dilemma of fluctuating world populations with successive generations superseding rather than maintaining the revolving numbers of human lives or if it applies just to the Yarsan community then what guarantees that they have likewise maintained their numbers accordingly? Also why can’t enlightenment  be achieved much sooner as it seems a bit fatalistic in that no matter how hard you try you cannot overcome or shortcut this numerical barrier? Lastly on the Day of Judgment how promising is it that you have done enough when there is still the prospect of annihilation instead of paradise? Anyway I have previously written a post about the philosophical dilemma of this system along with giving you some testimonies of those who have had near death experiences.

Hebrews 9:27 says and just as it is appointed for man to die once and after that comes judgment

Hinduism and Reincarnation

Another matter of difficulty is substantiating that the Divine Essence has had seven successive manifestations in human form much like the Hindu Avatars. They believe that these divine manifestations take place as one primary and seven secondary manifestations in each of the seven epochs of the world. Yet I think one of the ironies to this whole view is that the mazhariyyats of the Second Epoch, which begins with Ali as the primary avatar, and also includes all the Muslim figures except for one is conflicting especially as these divine Muslim avatars would have accepted the orthodox Islamic beliefs which is rejected by the Yarsanis.

Another difficulty is the myth behind the personality cult of Sultan Sahak also known by such titles as Shah-e Haqiqat (the King of Truth), Saheb-Karam, Saan Sahaak and Khwaavandekaar (Lord) who was the Kurdish religious leader that founded this spiritual path and is said to be the primary mazhariyyat of the fourth epoch. Like Jesus, Sahak supposedly had a virgin conception from his mother Khatun-e Rezbar or  Dayerak Rezbar who is considered to be the manifestation of one of the seven archangels. Anyway the story goes that his mother while sleeping under a pomegranate tree swallowed a kernel or seed which fell into her mouth after a bird pecked the fruit directly over her. From this account you can see a significant difference between the legendary portrayal of this Zoroastrian and Mithraic typology as opposed to the biblical narrative which is largely demythologized in its record concerning the birth of Christ.

In addition to this, the traditions of the Yarsanis are preserved in poetry known as the Kalam-e Saranjam or the “Discourse of Conclusion” which  is a divinely revealed narrative that was passed down orally through the generations. Yet oral traditions are an unreliable source as they have a tendency to become embellished or exaggerated over time.

Another matter which I find philosophically improbable is their theory of emanationism. This would make God confused in His nature or being and it is impossible for Him to be anything other than perfectly holy and righteous and to somehow say that the universe with its obvious imperfections is somehow a direct extension or manifestation of His being would make Him less than perfect in conjoining Himself with the principle of evil. In respect to this matter I believe that creationism offers a more probable model with a transcendent God who is the eternal uncaused cause in bringing forth the universe ex nihilo as an independent and transcendent Creator as creating contingent/dependent beings or things which are finite in nature.

So in regards to this aspect, God’s creation was essentially good but it was not perfect as making us coequals with God who unlike us is incapable as lacking the potential to be anything other than perfect. Anyway what you have in the biblical text is the acknowledgment of evil within the framework of existence even though it does not directly originate from God but is an indirect result from the potentiality of fallible creatures of free will. Thus to say that this makes God guilty of evil is like making my parents responsible for every wrong or sinful act that I would ever commit as  they understood the possibility of my sinful shortcomings when they helped bring me into this life or world. Again creation as a whole was considered good from the outset but humanity initially chose to rebel against a holy God who at the end of the age will bring about His final justice as He judges and restores all things in perfect righteousness. However during this interim of good and evil God is actively pursuing mankind in bringing about His redemption and though He has delayed the final gavel of His justice it is only because this is an conciliatory period of time afforded by His grace and mercy for free creatures to repent or change their life of insubordination against a holy God so as to save them from His wrath. Consequently this conversion to God is subsequently followed by freely giving the gift of the Holy Spirit who not only seals them positionally but who also regenerates them as returning mankind back to a type of created order as He renews their minds in changing their hearts which becomes a representation of His glory in displaying His image before the universe as creatures that have responded to His love.

Conclusively there is a King of glory who is the way, truth and life which is indicative of the person and work of Jesus as the divine incarnation. Jesus unlike sinful mankind came as our perfect representative on our behalf and it is through His eternal sacrifice that was given once and for all apart from the blood of animal sacrifices which at best could only make one outwardly or ceremonially clean and it is the lifeblood of Christ that was completely efficacious in removing sin, guilt and shame as restoring peace between God and mankind. Therefore as we submit to Him as Savior and Lord then we become beneficiaries as He is the source of our salvation of which we are not able to earn or achieve through our own merit or works as we are continually reminded by a guilty conscious. Thus it is through the substitutionary atonement of His death in bringing about mankind’s redemption as ransoming us from the power of hell as giving the gift of eternal life for all those who believe upon Him. In this you can rightfully say that you need not fear the punishment of death because it is in Jesus alone, not incarnations, whose perfect love drives out this kind of fear as He bears witness of this to a believers soul.  Finally in closing I think that there is a lack of veracity to holding to the  religious worldview of Yarsan which is counterproductive in establishing a ‘people of truth’ and even though they may be sincere; sincerity and truth is not necessarily compatible as a person can still be sincerely wrong. Also perhaps you have felt like you have failed in keeping the four pillars of the faith namely purity, rectitude, self-effacement, and self-abnegation and yet Jesus is the Rock by which you can build your pillars upon as He is the foundation which cannot be shaken or moved. Even as the tumultuous storms of life rage you can still have peace in knowing that He will never leave you nor forsake you in that He is with you always.

In closing this new life which I am describing is openly manifesting itself as a light on the horizon of humanities darkness and that is my testimony along with millions of others which I would like to share with you. Also Jesus is miraculously appearing to others through dreams and epiphanies as many are coming to receive Him. Lastly all I request of you my friend is to pray in asking Jesus to make Himself known to you in a real and personal way so as to believe upon Him. What do you have to lose in comparison to what you have to gain as benefiting much in every way.

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John 3:16

16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  so loved the world


28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”




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