My wife’s testimony of Jesus

To tell you a little bit about me I am 45 years old and I have recently left Israel to come to America in order to set up a new life here with my husband. He is an American and we met while he was in Israel volunteering in helping the poor in Tel Aviv through a ministry that assists with food and clothing distribution.

Anyway prior to this I was a resident of Jerusalem for about 18 years and had made aliyah from France in which my family still resides. My family is originally from Algeria and during the war they moved to France. I also have three other siblings that are all still living there and I am the only one that has moved off.

To begin with I would like to share with you one of the most personal things that  G-d did in my heart over twenty years ago. To start off I came from a traditional Jewish family. My parents weren’t religious but we were proud to be Jews and we kept what we considered to be the essential parts of our Judaism.

One day we had a Christian come to our house and strangely enough my mother helped him because his vehicle was broken down. Of course he shared with us about Jesus and in return I told him that Jesus was Catholic and I’m Jewish and we don’t want anything  to do with Him. He went on to tell us how that Jesus was the Messiah and to study Isaiah 53 and Psalms 22 in the Tanakh. After He had left my family just went back to what they were doing yet I being curious by nature decided to study the Tanakh and later I hesitantly and secretly picked up and read the new testament as well. When I began reading the new testament  I was shocked to find out that Jesus or Yeshua, which is His hebrew name, along with his disciples were Jewish just like me. Over a period of time God gave me a dream and convinced me likewise in my heart that I was a sinner separated from Him and that I needed His provision of salvation in Yeshua.

Personally I think that every Jew ought to research the person and work of Jesus as being the Jewish Messiah. I have heard many of the objections but most of them have been reactionary comments versus any type of real scholarly criticism. When you think about the worldview of Jesus He is the most influential Jew to have ever lived. Why is that? Anyway I think that it would behoove you to at least do the research with an open and honest heart and not through the skepticism of the Rabbis.

Just because members of our Jewish community have rejected Him doesn’t automatically disqualify Hm for the title and position of Messiah. If you study the Torah and the Tanakh you will see that corporate Israel is constantly rejecting G-d and the prophets and this rejection led us into the Diaspora to begin with. In other words what you might be rejecting may be G-d’s provision whether we fully understand it or not.

How to know God

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